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Child Abuse

By The Reverend Published: March 26, 2008


There is a post on King's blog about California's approach to home schooling. The state wanted to certify home schooling teachers/parents.

Well, here's a short ABC video about some home schoolers in Denver visiting a natural history museum......

Because of the total ignorance displayed in this example is absolutely no wonder why California is seeking to regulate home schooling in their state.

The only remaining question should be, what state wouldn't?

The adults in this video, in my opinion, are actually guilty of a form of child abuse. The thinking exhibited in this ABC piece is so twisted and fantastical, that impressing such ignorance on young minds should be regarded as nothing less than the abuse of children.

States, all governmentally organized secularly, have an interest in seeing their citizens educated. Not in some ancient cultic, sectarian which the state has no interest and is prohibited from promoting in the first place.....but in a scientific modern way. Through a pro-science education, a state's citizens can add to the overall value of the state. Through some ancient cultic anti-science education, without certified teachers doing the teaching, the state would only be burdened with anti-scientific minded adult citizens unable to add much, if any, value to any state population.

There are two basic creation groups within Christian evangelicals. The one represented in the video above believe the earth is only 6000-10,000 years old based on their literal interpretation of their holy book. This particular brand of evangelicalism suffers from, what I call, the Flat Earth Society Syndrome (FESS). These folks have no interest in learning anything. They already know all they need to know from their holy book. Anything scientific, if it contradicts their holy book, is automatically rejected out of hand. An education, especially a scientific education, based upon such anti-scientific mysticism and magic.....wouldn't be worth the paper it was printed upon.

As an aside....John Hagee and Rod Parsley, both strong and vocal supporters of the Republican presidential candidate, John McCain, also believe strongly in the 6000 year old earth fantasy.

The other creation group within evangelical-land doesn't insist that the earth is only 6000 years old. These folks don't know how old the earth is, they just know that God got it all started. Some Southern Baptists along the lines of Jimmy Carter are in this creation group. While insisting that God started everything, these evangelicals do not seek to debunk science or defend scientifically implausible ideas while teaching their children.

Basically, it is only the first group that is dangerous. What children are being taught, when taught by these Flat Earth types, is essentially that science and those who teach or rely on science, are not to be trusted. The students of Flat Earth Evangelical Teachers (FEET) come away with an education which has made them unable to function in a secular, scientific based population. These students are only prepared to function within the company of other Flat Earthers. They distrust all scientists and all science teachers and science books. They are taught to believe scientists are evil and deceptive. They are taught that scientists hate God and are warring against God and his holy book. These students are taught that scientists aspire to be earth's gods and the real God will eventually destroy them for those aspirations.

This group should not be trusted to teach children, period. The best example I can think of right now to illustrate my point is one involving math. What if a group of grownups insisted on teaching students that the science of algebra and trigonometry were the product of ancient pagan Egyptians, who hated Yahweh, and only came up with algebra and trig to disprove that Yahweh existed, and therefore, those two forms of math should not be taught in any home schooling curriculum nor relied upon in any way in the educating of young people?

Think that might handicap the students any?

Knowing the near mental-illness that afflicts the Flat Earth Syndromed portion of the population, and how dangerous these folks are in twisting the minds of young people, making them incapable of being intelligent, productive would only be scandalous if California DIDN'T seek to certify all home school teachers.



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