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Christmas Grifting

By The Reverend Published: November 12, 2013

A grift is a swindle, a con. A grifter is a swindler. The world of U.S. politics breeds both.

Here's America's grifter room mother working a grift in Iowa last Saturday.....

Near the beginning of her 33-minute speech Palin mentioned her new book, “Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas.”

“I say in a very jolly, Christmassy way, ‘Enough is enough,’” Palin told the crowd in Des Moines. “I say enough is enough of this politically correct police out there that is acting to erode our freedom to celebrate and exercise our faith.”

'Enough is enough' buy my book. Like Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin has become a walking, talking con-artist masquerading as a Serious political person.

Naturally, there has never been a war on Christmas in modern America....because Christmas in America is actually a celebration of...profits. And Sarah wants her share of those profits this holiday season. So, she traveled to Iowa to hawk her new book about Christmas, which just coincidentally, is available for purchase in time for Christmas.

On the right, the fictitious 'war on Christmas' is always ripe for a grift.....

...the former GOP vice presidential candidate turned reality TV star isn't the first pundit to write about the so-called "War on Christmas." That distinction goes most notably to her fellow Fox News firebrand Bill O'Reilly, who has made the controversy an annual tradition.

In short, O'Reilly and Palin look to cash in on the emotional connections evangelicals and conservative Christians have with the winter solstice holiday. Of course, there is no "controversy" over's all been made up so the grift can be run each year at the expense of true believers.

As I mentioned yesterday, government is prohibited from establishing pretenders like Bill-o and Sarah try to square that circle by telling devout believers (for the price of their books) that a nativity scene in front of a government building is not an establishment of religion by government.

But the Sister from Wasilla took a swipe at people like me last Saturday in Iowa......

Palin asserted that the “war on Christmas” was part of a larger battle waged by the “people who are too enlightened for religion.”

In full realization that Palin is but a grifter on the U.S. political landscape.....and will say virtually anything to further enrich her family.....permit me to unpack that Wasillian mumbo-jumbo.

There are millions of Americans who believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible. Virgin births, resurrecting the dead, six 24 hour days of creation, etc. Before the modern era that was understandable. Not so much now. When American youth learn today about comparative religions, geology, archeology, anthropology, literary criticism and the like....they are being "enlightened." Some might say "too enlightened".....because what is learned contradicts the fables and folklore and superstition which literalist Christianity still teaches. I know from experience how those contradictions create unresolved dissonance.

However, once I faced up to the realities of the modern era and rejected religion for what it creating god in our own image.....I felt no need to fill the void. The dissonance vanished.....I began to see reality more clearly. Becoming a non-believer doesn't require filling some empty space that rejecting religious belief creates. Rejecting religious belief liberates the human mind from the stranglehold religious belief imposes on the mind. I know that it will be hard for some to accept, but authentic human "salvation" only comes when religious belief is jettisoned from the mind entirely. "Life, more abundantly."

Sarah Palin encourages Americans to not be quite so enlightened with all that modern learning stuff because her grifting self depends on Americans being dumbed-down enough by religious mythology to sell them books about Christmas.

Shorter Palin: 'Stop all that modern learning stuff....just believe'

And after all.....isn't that the true message of Christmas today?



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