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Chuck Hagel: "The Know-Nothing Element"

By The Reverend Published: November 19, 2008

Yesterday, the spineless Democrats in the Senate voted to reward Joementum Lieberman (I-CT) for his work campaigning for Republican Party candidates, specifically, Holy Joe's work for John McCain and his Stuntwoman Sidekick, Sarah Palin. By a wide margin, Senate Democrats voted, by secret ballot, to embrace a political turncoat and re-award him his chairmanship of the Homeland Security Committee. That's some big tent. Perhaps Republican Senators will also be offered Democratic Senate committee chairmanships. One never knows.

Speaking of Republican Senators.....retiring Nebraska Senator, Chuck Hagel (R-NE), had a few things to say yesterday about his political party. Hagel's remarks are in the following video clip.....running from the 1:00 mark to the 2:40 mark.....

Hagel has foreign policy experience. He reminded the neo-cons, those in his party who embrace pre-emptive wars of choice, torture, secret rendition, Guantanomo, etc., that "engagement is not appeasement, diplomacy is not retreat." The Nebraska Senator reminded his politically tonedeaf Republican Party that Americans want the Congress to "address the problems, find some consensus to govern", not just bicker, obstruct and generally, act like ignorant thugs.

Hagel goes on to remark about something that The Reverend has been blogging about for years. Hagel says, "We (conservatives and/or Republicans) are educated by the great entertainers like Rush Limbaugh." For 20 years conservative Republicans have received their indoctrination on national and international issues from the "entertainer", Rush Limbaugh. I can tell immediately when a conservative I talk with is a listener of the "great entertainer." Dittohead phrasing retreading Mr. Limbaugh's dialogue is an instant tipoff.

However, as Hagel goes on to say, Limbaugh and his extremist-right radio talk show buddies, only "rip everyone down, make fools of everybody".....but have "no answers." Not only does the entertainer "educate" his conservative audience with hatefulness, divisiveness and a basic intolerance for all things progressive, tearing all Democrats (except Joementum) and any doubting-Thomas Republicans down in the process.....but Limbaugh's biggest fallacy, according to Hagel, is that Rushbo has "no answers."

This Limbaughian dynamic of conservative political entertainment through ripping everyone down and making fools of everybody, without any thoughtful answers to America's problems being offered, has created a subset within Hagel's party which the Senator rightly calls the "know-nothing element." This "know-nothing element" embraces Rush Limbaugh's slanted narrative of events in our country. As Rush is doing his "entertaining", "know-nothing" regular listeners are actually taking Rush's horsesh*t seriously. Limbaugh could care less about all the "know-nothings" he has helped to create. He's gotten filthy rich by ripping everyone down and making fools of his listeners without offering any constructive answers to real problems. Why would he care about anything? Because he's a "patriot"? Please.

Someone recently told me of a seemingly intelligent lawyer, highly educated, who, a few days before the presidential election, was still voicing concerns over Barack Obama's "Muslimness". How does stuff like that happen? Why would an otherwise intelligent person be so misinformed? Look no further than to the "entertainers" from the far-right, like Mr. Limbaugh. As Sean, Rush, Laura, Bill-o and a whole host of extremist conservative "entertainers" rant on, tearing down and making fools of everybody while offering no answers to today's problems.....they are, at the same time, creating misinformed "no-nothings" out of their entertainees.

It has gotten so bad within the Republican Party, according to Chuck Hagel, that the "know-nothing element" has now become the dominate strain of American conservatives. This element is so far off into the wild blue yonder of their own "know-nothing" narratives that these same folks became highly energized over a, literally, "know-nothing" vice-presidential candidate. Not just accepting of......but excited about.

That's what 20 years of opportunistic, self-serving, extremist political "entertainers" have created. A political party whose members now "know nothing."

Take a bow Rush....if that big belly will allow for have done more to banish the GOP to the wilderness than anyone. Job well done.



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