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CIA Asset & Mob Patsy: Lee Harvey Oswald

By The Reverend Published: April 13, 2010

Recently on MSNBC's Hardball, I heard Chris Matthews claim that Lee Harvey Oswald was a "Castro lover". The context of Matthews' claim was a discussion about left and ring wing violence in America. Oswald was set forward as an example of left wing radical violence.....the implication being that Oswald was a communist or communist sympathizer....and that was why he allegedly assassinated President John Kennedy.

47 years after the assassination, and still conventional wisdom is that a "lone assassin", the "Castro lover", Lee Oswald killed JFK on November 22, 1963 in Dallas.

According to the book, "Ultimate Sacrifice" by Lamar Waldron and Thom Hartmann......that was exactly what the real assassination conspirators, mobsters Santo Trafficante, Johnny Roselli and Carlos Marcello, wanted authorities and the public to think.

Lee Harvey Oswald was an ex-Marine turned low level CIA asset. He "defected" to the Soviet Union as part of a larger CIA counterintelligence operation. When Oswald returned to the U.S. from Moscow, he began work reading and interpreting U.S. U2 spyplane maps as part of his next assignment. Odd job for someone with communist sympathies.

In 1963, Oswald was being groomed by the CIA for his next assignment. The CIA's David Atlee Phillips, a propaganda expert, staged several public relations projects using Oswald, primarily on New Orleans teevee and radio programs, in the hopes of creating a believable pro-communist persona for Oswald. The one member, Fair Play For Cuba Committee office in New Orleans, where Lee Oswald was filmed handing out pro-Castro leaflets, as well as getting into a "fistfight" with a heckler....was all part of David Phillips plan to establish a communist cover for Oswald.....with the eventual goal of successfully getting Oswald into Cuba via Mexico City. The "real" Oswald never attended any authentic communist meetings in the U.S., nor did he associate himself with any communists.

The CIA's Phillips actually met publicly with Oswald and another man, Antonio Veciana, in Dallas, late August 1963. Veciana was part of the secretive plan to asassinate Fidel Castro and set up a new government in Cuba..."C-Day"....on or about December 1, 1963, a plan Robert Kennedy was heading.

Veciana was a Cuban exile working under "C-Day" exile leader Eloy Menoyo.

From the book....

Veciana told us bluntly that his goal in working with Phillips (aka Bishop) in 1963 was "the killing of Castro." Veciana said that that was his full time job in 1963, and the meeting (in late August in Dallas) where Oswald showed up, was about "plans to kill Castro."

"Veciana says, "I had the meeting with him in was in the newest building in Dallas. "There was a young guy with him" and "according to the pictures I saw in the paper later, the man with Phillips was Lee Harvey Oswald." Veciana says, "I'm sure that the individual was Lee Harvey Oswald" and that "he was a shy and timid man and very nervous..." Veciana says that Oswald "was talking about something that we can do to kill Castro."

Oswald, himself, was being prepared to play a part in the 1963 secretive CIA plans to eliminate Castro. Far from being pro-Castro, as conventional wisdom still holds today.....Oswald was participating in plans to assassinate Castro.

The meeting of Veciana, the CIA's Phillips, and Oswald in August 1963 allowed for the mobsters, intent on assassinating JFK in November, to tie "C-Day" (a national security issue) with the CIA AND the alleged "lone JFK assassin" Lee Oswald......insuring that after the fact of JFK's murder, no open and forthright investigation could be made known to the public.

Lee Harvey Oswald, working clandestinely as a CIA asset with David Atlee Phillips on a plan to eventually get Oswald from Mexico City into Cuba for the launch of "C-Day" under the cloak of being a "pro-Castro, communist sympathizer"...wound up being the perfect fall guy, patsy, for the mob's parallel plan at the time to murder JFK. Oswald was set up....and once again, the mob's plan worked perfectly. Not only did the mobsters have JFK murdered in Dallas at the very time that the Kennedys and the CIA were about to launch the "C-Day" coup in Cuba.....but they also successfully placed the blame for the murder squarely on the shoulders of a CIA asset being groomed to play a part in that Cuban coup operation.

Oswald's official connection with U.S. intelligence agencies doesn't depend on this one isolated incident. The August meeting in Dallas is simply one of many examples.

I'll write more about this stuff later. Buy the book. Read the book. Learn the truth.



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