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Class Warfare?

By The Reverend Published: February 27, 2009

Some Villagers are just shocked that President Obama has introduced his new federal budget....and it includes (gasp) tax increases on those Americans making over 1/4 million per year. Shocked, I tell you. And let's be honest's not like these Villagers, like Tom Raum from the AP,.... whose "Republicans accuse Obama of class warfare" "analysis" appears in today's AB Journal,.....had any advance warning. Barack Obama only campaigned on raising the wealthiest's taxes for 2 straight years.

So, after 24 months of telling Americans, if elected, the taxes of those who have benefitted the most over the last, say....30 years....would be can understand why the Villagers, who hang on every Republican complaint, would be shocked that Obama really, you know, meant it.

Atrios is correct....our national discourse is insane.

The AP writer, correctly, states that Obama's budget is "far reaching", and then adds....

"But paying for it by having upper-income earners shoulder much of the cost quickly provoked cries of class warfare in Congress."


Any quotes from anyone suggesting that Obama was waging class warfare....Mr AP writer? No.

Despite Mr. Villager's insistence that Obama's tax increases "provoked cries of class warfare in Congress"......he doesn't include one quote, not one, supporting that assertion.

What Tom Raum does include is this reference to John

Boner Boehner(R-OH)....

"House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-West Chester, suggested Obama's proposed tax increases would reach deep into the middle class, despite repeated administration statements that tax hikes would be limited to families making more than $250,000 a year.

Proposed new excise taxes on offshore drilling and plans to cap greenhouse gas emissions and require polluters to buy permits could affect ''all Americans who drive a car, who have a job, who turn on a light switch,'' Boehner said."

Note to Mr. AP writer.....

Boner Boehner is not shouting "class warfare" from the castle tower....he's using a scare tactic by assuming Obama is a liar. Boner Boehner is suggesting that you can't believe Obama when he says only those making over 1/4 million will see their taxes go up. The GOP minority leader is also saying that, because of Obama's capping of greenhouse gases plan, all Americans will see higher energy prices.

If it's true that the "Republicans accuse Obama of class warfare"....the AP's Tom Raum surely didn't include any direct evidence of that alleged know, by Republicans.

Well, if Mr. AP writer can't find any quotes from, you kow, Republicans, to support his article entitled, "Republicans accuse Obama of class warfare"....he can surely find a Village media person's he does..

"Asked whether the class-warfare argument could complicate White House efforts to win support for some of its big priorities, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said, ''No. And I think it's important to understand that what the president has enumerated in his budget today is precisely the blueprint and series of promises that he made over the course of two years in a campaign . . . that the American people voted for.''"

What "class-warfare argument"? I guess it's the one in the Village's collective psyche. Because it sure as hell isn't in Mr. AP writer's column.

And just for kicks.

30 years ago, or so, the highest income tax rate was somewhere around 90%. Can you imagine that? 90%. Todays' highest income tax rates are around 36%. Also, don't forget, today's capital gains tax rates are 15%, which provoked billionaire Warren Buffet to say that it wasn't right for his secretary to pay a higher tax rate than he did. No kidding.

Add to those numbers the fact that working families over the last 30 years have seen their purchasing power barely keep up with inflation while, during this same period, the top 5%, and especially the top 1%, have seen their portion of America's wealth increase dramatically.....and one begins to wonder....who is really waging class warfare?

Village people rarely mention the above facts and NEVER call those facts evidence of class warfare. They just don't. To Villagers, if the wealthy get more tax breaks and more share of the nation's wealth at the same time that 95% of Americans are treading economic water.....that's just the natural order of things. Nothing to look at here....just move along.

But Christ on a cracker.....if any young upstart President suggests that the wealthy have done very well in recent histroy and can pay a bit more during a period of national crisis....then Obama and the Democrats are waging "class warfare".

It's all so phony.



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