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Clinic On Knee Padding

By The Reverend Published: September 22, 2007


Jamison Foser has a must read this weekend if you still believe the mainstream media is to the left in America today or that they are off their knees. The piece is found here. Foser's spot on with the Powell, Petraeus stuff. He quotes Sidney Blumenthal talking about Powell in front of the U.N before the Iraq invasion.....

He was Petraeus before Petraeus, the good soldier before the good soldier, window-dressing before window-dressing.

Which brings me to this post's title. Two generals, Powell and then Petraeus, both spouting the White House line. A line of disinformation and lies about Iraq, one before invading, the other in the middle of the quagmire that has followed the invasion. In each case that line was swallowed by the KPM(Knee Pad Media).

Look at David Gergen, the oh-so-wise, (and don't forget serious), "journalist", demonstrate for the class how actual, like, Knee Padding is carried out, you know, the technique of a master......

David Gergen, for example, declared on CNN that Powell had delivered "conclusive, compelling evidence" that "effectively destroyed" the arguments of "opponents of the president's policy." (If that sounds familiar, you may remember what Gergen said about his friend David Petraeus' testimony while serving as a CNN analyst last week: "[A]fter hearing him with that blizzard of facts and statistics and charts, it's going to be very hard for Democrats now to say, let's pull the plug.")

Knee Padding, as Gergen, the journeypadder shows in this Foser compilation, is best carried out in a position of submission to those whom you wish to serve, or else access to the GOP Daddy Leader figures will be denied in the future. Democrats, of course, only want to govern by committee and so they don't have any Daddy Leader figures for Knee Padders to service.

To demonstrate the devotion required by all the new wannabes looking to earn their own pads, Gergen goes to his knees, submitting to whatever it was the White House pulled out of it's briefs through the Powell and Petraeus whitewashes of misinformation and, yeah,.... outright lies.

Taking what Powell and Petraeus gush on about as a good servicer would and then dressing that mess up into something ol' David Gergen full-throatedly swears is serious and solemn and wise is kind of like, I don't know..... pornographic sounding. Everybody better cross themselves, this stuff is obscene. But hey, that's what the media does today with their GOP Daddy Leader figures.....suck-up to those they worship and desire to serve with all their teevee face time and with every column inch they are awarded by the corporate pimps who own their contracts(no-bids, of course).

All this is just tongue in cheek, you understand.



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