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Close To Kickoff

By The Reverend Published: August 21, 2008

I have no idea who Barack Obama will pick as his vice-presidential running mate....but I think today may be the day he announces his pick. Knee Padders of every network and cable teevee channel think they know who is on the "short list" for Obama's V.P., and they have been telling us about that short list, nauseatingly, for weeks. I hope Obama chooses someone else.....just to demonstrate how full of sh*t the media morons are.

Speaking of waste and morons.....I caught quite a bit of Suzanne Malveaux's CNN hitjob on Obama last night....ominously titled, "Obama Revealed". The 1980's sleazy porn music which played in the background of CNN's hitjob on the Democratic candidate for president....was extra special.

Malveaux followed the Knee Pad script to the letter....minimizing Obama's strong points while majoring on guilt by association nonsense. The program was so slanted, it could easily have been written by Karl Rove...and who knows....maybe it was. After all CNN is the Most Busted Name In News.

CNN, following in the footsteps of other "news" networks like FOX and ABC, has morphed into a shameless and disgraceful conduit of propaganda. Just stating the obvious.

I see Rachel Maddow got her own 9PM show on MSNBC starting the first full week of September. The 8-10PM MSNBC nightly programming slot will be the only refuge to be found from the neo-con hurricane of lies and disinformation swirling around us. Rachel is excellent....and in many ways she is better, even, than Keith Olbermann. I predict she will be the first to allow liberal bloggers (gasp) to be heard on teevee. Olbermann was the only actual progressive on cable or network news prior to Maddow's hire.


Very sad to hear about Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Democratic representative to Congress form Cleveland. She was the same age as The Reverend. Tubbs tragic death should remind all of us of how fragile our individual lives really are.


I'm hearing some rumblings from Johnny Mac Daddy that he may pick a pro-choice running mate, like Ridge or (Jesus) Lieberman. What a hoot that would be, huh? And speaking of hoots.....have you watched any of the video clips of Rush Limbaugh recently? Rushbo ain't happy with the thought of a pro-choice running mate for Straight Talk McDraw and he's saying so......but did you look at Rush's eyes? I'm telling ya'.....he's on the little blue pills again......and no, I ain't talking about Viagra.

And just think....recently the president, vice-president, brother of the president, and the president's daddy.....all called Rushbo up and congratulated the propagandist on a 20 year-long-knee-job well done.

About Joementum. Joe Lieberman is a miserably distasteful man. His self-righteousness is palpable, disgustingly so. His neo-con-itis is maniacal. His desire to set the middle east on fire for the sake of Israel borders on treason. Lieberman is not a Democrat, no matter what comes out of his mouth. His speaking at the GOP convention will mean the end of Joe Lieberman as we've known him.....and not a moment too soon, either. Holy Joe will be a politician without a constituency, without a political party, and without any committee chairmanships. It's what he deserves for aiding and abetting a treasonous administration guilty of multiple felonies.

When Holy Joe speaks in Minnesota representing the GOP alongside of George W. Bush and Richard Cheney, he will be where he belongs.....neo-conservative, anti-American traitors of a feather and all that. The GOP Convention's clean-up crew will need extra shovelers just to remove the deceptive bullsh*t left behind by Connecticut's own disgrace.

And then there's Condi. Scott McClellan talks about Condi Rice in his book about the White House. Scotty saw her as a sycophantic failure. One who was willing to tell Decider what he wanted to hear, no matter what. She was, and is, a criminal administration facilitator.

With McClellan's viewpoint in's pitiful to hear Condi be so void of self-awareness in her stupid words about the Russian/Georgian situation. Russia is berated by Rice.....Russia is chastised for invading a sovereign country, etc, etc,. Rice seems hopelessly oblivious to the fact that her boss is guilty of exactly the crimes Rice accuses Putin of doing. America continues to this day to militarily occupy Iraq, a previously sovereign country. Putin is dealing with a backyard dispute with separatists.....Bush sent $1 trillion worth of American military might halfway around the world to control any "separatist leaning oil reserves".

I must say that McCain and Rice have been way over the top about this Russian has the Knee Pad Media. I suppose that the neo-con American traitors must respond to, you know, facts on the ground.....even if those facts are never portrayed...ummm....factually. Responding, exaggerating, and inflating a border dispute into World War 5, you must understand, is good for the GOP candidate.

I don't know how in the hell that equates.....after Iraq....but there it is.



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