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CNN & GOP Talking Points

By The Reverend Published: November 27, 2007

The focus of many of my posts has been, and will continue to be, on the media. Oftentimes called the mainstream media by others, oftentimes called the Knee Pad Media by me.

I believe the KPM members are actually very intelligent, talented, people fully aware of what it is that they are doing. I don't believe, for example, that the following question from the 11-15-07 Democratic "debate" on CNN was anything but a Republian talking point couched in typical 'gotcha' phrasing.....

(39 seconds)

What's the purpose of asking "what's wrong with rewarding a teacher who excels....?" Roberts is cleverly trying to get Chris Dodd to say something negative about teacher's unions. If Dodd answers..."there's nothing wrong with rewarding teachers.." then John Roberts knows it makes Dodd sound like he's criticizing his supporters in unions. If Dodd answers, "..there is something wrong with rewarding teachers..." then Roberts knows that answer will fly in the face of a basic American premise that if you work hard you should be rewarded. The question from Roberts to Dodd is a textbook case of a "gotcha" question.

My question, and it will apply to the next clip from Blitzer as well,
is, why are CNN media stars asking Democratic presidential candidates about teacher's and merit pay for teachers, at all?

Public education is controlled by each individual state. What difference does it make what Dodd thinks about teachers' merit pay when he has no control at that level?

What would be CNN's motivation for having their news celebrities framing a "when did you stop beating your wife" kind of question?

What has it all come to? A new reality show , "Punk the Candidates With Gotcha Questions"? Call in and vote for your favorite.

Mull that over while you take a trip with the Wolfman.....

(29 seconds)

The question to Kucinich.... "are there any issues with unions with which you disagree".... is framed in a taunting way. Of course Democrats are the party of labor, the party of unions (what's left of them), what the hell does Wolfie expect Kucinich to say? By implication Blitzer was really asking, 'if the teacher's union elected Bin Laden as their next president and the members of unions began eating small children, would that be acceptable to you, would that be okay with you Dennis, hmmm?'

Then he follows up by asking Hillary about "merit pay" for teachers, once again, a topic over which state officials almost exclusively have jurisdiction. Why is this question, framed identically to Hillary as to Dodd, by two different CNN celebrities, even being asked?

These types of questions are not questions of consequence, really. They are not questions which voters are demanding answers of presidential candidates, and rightfully so, because presidents do not deal directly with these issues. Instead, these questions are the same as the questions regularly framed by FOX and Limbaugh types.

CNN's questioning of Democratic candidates in what CNN called a debate was even more inappropriate than King Pad Himself, Tim Russert of NBC, and his cutesy question framing in a previous debate where Little Russ badgered Hillary about the driver's licenses, another topic in which presidents have little say, if any.

The reason I harp on this is because, with the teevee media at least, it is getting worse. National teevee audiences of network and cable "news" are receiving their information through a biased filter. If al-Jazeera does it, it's biased, slanted and unacceptable. If CNN or NBC does it......what is it called?

I believe we have entered a whole new frenzy-of-illusion time with our current presidential campaign that will even outdo the Monica faux-event and the fraudulent run-up to Iraq event in it's expansiveness, amplification, and GOP-favoring mischievousness.

For some , you know, strange reason, I just don't think that's what the media should be doing.



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