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CNN Is Very Serious

By The Reverend Published: October 14, 2010

What I said in February, 2009 about Republicans and the media who loves them.....still applies today.

When all your policies have failed, when your governing capabilities have stunk up the country like a rotted corpse… do you get the media's attention? How can you ever be noticed again?

Talk crazy talk.

The crazier the talk, the better. Main media, the corporate slugs that they are, love themselves some crazy talk. Can't resist it. Think about Sarah Palin's crazy talk during the campaign. She talked crazy for a reason….to get people's attention. And main media was there, like tiny birds, mouths open, awaiting those crazy tidbits each day.

Last night...though I skipped watching it.....CNN sponsored a debate. CNN looked at all the races for Senate this year, noticed there were many close races this cycle, and decided to host a debate last night for one of those races.

One can only imagine the deep thought processes at work down at the CNN control-center in Atlanta. For which senatorial race should "the most trusted name in news" sponsor a Vital and Serious Debate? That was the question the Professionals at CNN had to answer.

The West Virginia race between Republican "laser beams" John Raese and Democrat, Joe Manchin is a dead heat as of yesterday's polling.

Or perhaps CNN would pick the Harry Reid versus Sharron Angle matchup in Nevada to sponsor....where most polling shows a nailbiter. After all, Harry Reid is the Majority Leader in the already know about Ms. Angle.

Then there is the Illinois Senate race pitting Republican Mark Kirk against Democrat Alexi Giannoulias to fill President Obama's vacated Senate seat. As of this morning, only 1 percentage point separates these two candidates. Maybe CNN could have made a major impact on such a closely contested race, if they would have sponsored a debate between the Illinois candidates.

There's the Kentucky Senate race pitting Republican Rand Paul against Democrat Jack Conway. Paul is up 2% in the latest polling. There's the close race between Republican Ken Buck and Democrat Michael Bennet out in Colorado where polling indicates that Buck is ahead by 5%, but has not clinched the race quite yet.

All these close races for Senate out there this year.....and several other closely watched and contested races as in Washington State between Democrat, Patty Murray and her Republican challenger Dino Rossi, where the spread is somewhere between 4% and 13% .....or even in California, where Democrat, Barbara Boxer is being challenged by Carly Fiorina. The ultra-conservative Rasmussen poll has only a 4% margin for Boxer. Still close.

So, CNN examines all these close races for Senate......and CNN is full of Very Serious people.....and for which Senate race do these Serious folks choose to sponsor a debate?

The Chris Coons, Christine O'Donnell matchup in Delaware. How Serious is CNN? The Democrat, Chris Coons leads the Republican, O'Donnell by.....wait for it.....TWENTY-ONE FREAKING POINTS. That's how Serious CNN is.

Why would "the most trusted name in news" choose to cover a debate where one candidate is very obviously going to win in a such a tiny and non-representative state?

Because of the crazy. What crazy? The witch stuff, the anti-masturbation stuff, the China-is-secretly-planning-to-invade-us stuff, the weekly-shootings-in-schools-because-kids-can't-pray stuff, the get-your-manpants-on stuff, the mice-have-full-functioning-human-brains stuff or the evolution-is-a-myth stuff.

CNN could care less if Chris Coons was winning by 50 points. In fact, CNN could care less about Chris Coons. CNN sponsored last night's debate in order to cover the crazy. CNN could care less if Delaware has a population of 885,000, and that this twenty-one point gap race is all over but the Democratic shouting. CNN was interested in the ratings bonanza that broadcasting the crazy brings.

You would think that CNN would actually be embarassed to sponsor a Senate debate from a tiny state where the Republican O'Donnell has a percentage chance of winning somewhere between none and zero. But, you see....CNN doesn't embarass. They follow.....just like all Serious teevee Professionals....the crazy.

Paraphrasing Gordon Gecko.....crazy is good, crazy works.

Now the pile-on.

How can the Very Serious and Vital CNN trump themselves after covering such a Breathtakingly Important Blowout like the O'Donnell-Coons race by sponsoring their own debate?

By covering another nailbiter on October 24th. Down in Florida, Republican Poster Boy, Marco Rubio is leading independent Charlie Crist and Democrat, Kendrick Meeks by 45%-29%-22% respectively. Rubio has a very comfortable SIXTEEN point lead.

So, the relevant CNN, as Serious as ever....will be sending the repellant Candy Crowley down to Florida on the 24th to cover this "close" race.

Corporate media has spent the last 24 months carefully covering and reporting on the conservative crazy. In fact, corporate media has done little else but tell us and show us the insanity that now controls the Republican Party. They've mainlined the crazy......I guess, so that the crazy doesn't really seem all that.....crazy. Very little substance, if any, has leaked through the corporate media's crazy filter......and no Serious "reporter" has ever been heard asking the obvious...."why are we covering nothing but stupid, insane and crazy Republican sh*t?"

But I have an answer to that never-asked question.....

Because corporate media is Very Serious.



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