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By The Reverend Published: July 8, 2009 did a piece yesterday on CNN's Dana Bash. Bash did a CNN report on Canadian health care. The perspective the CNN reporter took was the same as Republican Mitch McConnell's......and I might add, the same that many far right commenters have repeated on the Blog of Mass Destruction.

The Bash piece attempted to focus on how long Canadians might have to wait for specific treatment, even repeating this false rumor from McConnell....


"GOP Senate leader Mitch McConnell singled out Kingston as exhibit A of staggering delays in Canadian care. We played his speech. SEN. MITCH MCCONNELL (R-KY), MINORITY LEADER: Knee replacements. At Kingston General, the average wait is about 340 days."


Average time to get a knee replacement here is 91 days.

91, just in case this slips by, is a much smaller number than...umm....340.

My complaint about CNN, and Bash specifically, isn't that they rely on daily Republican talking points to make up their many "breaking news reports," they do,.....but I'm used to that.

My complaint is with the deception.

Consider: Here's Dana Bash's opening words....

DANA BASH, CNN CONGRESSIONAL CORRESPONDENT: "Wolf, when the Senate's top Republican speaks out against the government-run health insurance plan, he says it could lead to government control of the health care system, and he warns the U.S. could end up like Canada, with treatments delayed or denied. So we came here just north of the border to Ontario to see for ourselves and separate rhetoric from reality."

The very obvious problem with Bash's starting point is that, in the U.S., there is no Congressional bill which includes a single-payer Canadian style health care plan. None. CNN's Dana Bash goes to Canada to compare the apples of Canadian single-payer health care with the oranges of the Democratic proposal in their health care reform bill to include a public option alongside current multi-faceted private health insurance plans.

If a public option is included in the U.S. Congress' health care reform bill, our national health care system will not resemble, in the least, Canada's single-payer, government run system.

Taking Republican Mitch McConnell's talking point verbatim led CNN's Bash to start her "report" with a bit of deception.

Anyway....Bash goes through her "report" after deceptively setting it up...and then at the end of her piece she throws this in...

BASH: Now, to be clear, no Democratic health care plan now on the table calls for the kind of government-run system they have here in Canada. But consider this statistic. All Canadians have health coverage. That's 33 million people, compared to 47 million, that's just the number of uninsured in the U.S. -- Wolf?

Unbelievable. Bash goes to the trouble to compare Canadian single-payer health care with Obama's health care plan, complete with regurgitated Mitch McConnell bullsh*t, ......and then admits at the end that.....'Well no,...Democrats aren't proposing a Canadian single-payer system, but if they were, if they were.....33 million is a smaller number than 47 million."

This is what passes for "journalistic reporting" today. Start with a phony Republican talking point, take it seriously, add a bit of deception, and then conclude that even though what the Republicans are saying isn't entirely accurate, it could there.



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