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CNN's Brown & Blitzer Imitate Tim Russert

By The Reverend Published: November 18, 2007

I bought some new stuff to capture and edit video. Consider the following post to be a kind of beta test of what I'll be calling the Rev2Blue News Network.....

Campbell Brown frames her question to Obama by saying this about him, "you supported various benefits for illegal immigrants". Then she goes on to ask the question "what do you say to those Americans who say they are losing out" because illegal immigrants benefitted by "breaking the law'?

" president, where do you draw the line?"

This frame by Brown is straight out of the Republican playbook. The fact that Obama was a state representative when he "supported various benefits" doesn't enter into Campbell's equation.

State officials have little or no part in policing undocumented workers.....they have to deal with the failure of the federal government.....and that's exactly what Obama did in Illinois.

Brown does her best to blur the distinction of state and federal responsibility for undocumented immigrants in a "when did you stop beating your wife" type of question to Obama.

Let's move on to Wolfie Blitzer....

"...apparently tripped up Senator Clinton earlier" nothing but opinion. "I take it(speaking directly to Obama) you support giving driver's licenses to....". "Assuming there is not going to be comprehensive immigration reform...." is a purely hypothetical framing of yet another "gotcha" attempt to bolster the Republican talking point regarding immigration.

Look at ol' Wolfganger trying to force Obama into responding the way he wants him to......resorting to a combative stance and a smart mouthing of Obama with his demand for a yes or no answer.

These two CNN "journalist's" questions, specifically about immigration, were just a tip of the Republican talking points iceberg questions heard throughout Thursday night's "debate".

There is no question that giving driver's licenses to undocumented workers is NOT a pressing issue throughout America. Yet because the Republican Party has nothing left of their credibility on Iraq, the economy, healthcare, keeping us safe, moral values, tolerance, etc.....the only talking point they wish to repeat is about undocumented immigrants.....a wingnut intolerance favorite.

And CNN is johnny-on-the-spot to make sure to frame questions of Democratic candidates around that one GOP issue. Just as NBC, through Russert, did a couple of weeks ago.

Campbell Brown and Wolf Blitzer join Timmy Russert as willing tools for the establishment right. With the Democratic Party clearly ahead in national polls, expect more framing of issues favorable to the GOP from those who are continuously mislabeled as part of the "liberal" media.



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