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CNN Takes The Tea Party Express

By The Reverend Published: September 13, 2011

I remember listening last week to Fox radio while driving in my car. The topic at the time was how weak President Obama was for changing the date of his speech to a Joint Session from Wednesday evening, where it conflicted with NBC's GOP candidates debate, to Thursday evening where Obama's speech would be just before the opening game of the NFL season.

Later, when it was announced that Obama's speech to a Joint Session would begin at 7PM, just prior to the NFL game on Thursday evening, I heard Rush Limbaugh blabber on about how weak Obama was because the popularity of the NFL had forced the unpopular Obama to move his speech time to the non-primetime of 7PM.

Nielsen ratings data showed that 31.4 million viewers watched Obama's address on jobs, which was carried live across 11 TV networks.


Shortly after Obama closed his remarks, 27.2 million people watched the professional football's NFL kick off its season.......(the game) was the second most-watched NFL regular season primetime game on any one network in 15 years.

Apparently, the weak Obama actually helped out the popular NFL by scheduling his speech prior to kickoff.
Maybe, what President Obama has to say is actually more important to Americans than even the opening of the season of the popular NFL.

And perhaps, Fox radio, the right wing partisan freak show that it is, not only doesn't represent the American people....but is mostly wrong about...well....just about everything.

I know. Like saying the sun rises in the east.


The Republican minor leaguers had another debate last night. This time it was sponsored by the Most Busted Name In News, CNN, in coordination with the.....Tea Party Express (far right Republicans).

With these GOP presidential candidates, if you've seen one debate, you've seen them all. Obama is the worst president evah....the nation is bankrupt, especially Social Security, and the only thing holding employment numbers from exploding is taxes and regulations on business.

While watching and listening to leading Republicans, you start to get the feeling that they are talking about some other country, not the U.S. That's how foreign and foolish sounding their analysis is on most every topic.

First up last night was Social Security....Social Security is not bankrupt, nor is it close to being bankrupt. The plan's funding is good through 2037, and that's if the payroll cap is never raised between now and then. Despite the laughably nonsensical claims by several GOP candidates, including most prominently, Governor Rick Perry....there's nothing wrong with Social Security, at all. When Perry, or others, say that Social Security will not be there for the children and the grandchildren....they are lying.

The average monthly Social Security check is $1100. If nothing is done to adjust the payroll cap, Social Security will still be able to pay on average, approximately $900 per month per recipient, AFTER 2037....26 years from now. Perry, Romney and the the Republican Party has sought to do since the inception of Social Security,...are simply telegraphing to Americans that, if given political power, they will seek to privatize Social Security...abolish it as we have known it. And just like with Paul Ryan's plan to abolish Medicare, replacing it with a privatized, for-profit system....while Wall Street would get more, Americans would get less.

In all my years, I have never seen such a brazen GOP bunch of corporate lackeys. Ashamed in the past to openly badmouth, and lie about, the two most popular government programs in our, shame has been replaced by boldness in ignorance. Governor Perry is oh-so-proud to lie to a national audience about the future of Social Security because the political party he hopes to represent no longer is shamed by bashing and spouting bogus claims about government programs for the poor, the elderly and the sick.

Second....last night's GOP candidates spoke in Tea Party tongues. Every candidate's solution to our economy was to rewind our national history tape back to 2001....and replay it. More tax cuts....and mostly for America's wealthiest. Slash regulations....and particularly for our largest industries.

We tried that.

That's what our government did from 2000-2009. Regulations on investment banking and commodities trading were basically eliminated under the triangulating moderate, Bill Clinton. Tax rates under Bush were reduced to 60 year lows, depleting the Treasury and doubling the national debt in 8 years. Despite the deep deregulation and the historically low tax rates....what Americans got in return was 9+% unemployment, a roll back of real estate and 401K values, and a standard of living like we had in the 90's, all with the added bonus of endless war.

But there they were last night. Every GOP hopeful told the audience that what we needed to do to save the economy was more of the same stuff we tried during the 00's. More of the same stuff which....failed.

Republicans still don't get it. Republican economic policies have proven to be miserable failures for the nation. Lower taxes on the rich, deregulation on the powerful....have proven to be losers for most Americans. Yet last night, what I heard again was that the U.S. needed to embrace those past failures and work to repeat them.



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