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"Come On, Come On, We're Together"

By The Reverend Published: April 13, 2011

What if Osama Bin Laden's jihadist group had their own flag? And what if many Americans proudly raised that jihadist flag in celebratory fashion each year around September? What's more.....what if tens of thousands of southern-state Americans pasted a decal of that jihadist flag onto their pick-em-up truck bumpers or framed their license plates with a "Jihadists Forever" plate holder? Anticipate your emotions if you saw huge banners with the words...."Bin Laden Will Rise Again"....displayed prominently.

Then, consider how you would feel if a Virginia Governor announced a 9-11 Bin Laden 10 year commemoration for the entire month of September this year. Furthermore, what would you think of another southern governor who recalled his fond memories of 9-11 and explained how he didn't remember the event being all that bad?

But go further.....what if every so often, thousands of Americans got together, dressed in sterotypical Muslim garb, and re-enacted the events of 9-11 and other similar terrorist events?

Would any of that give you pause? Would it make you angry, hurt, distraught, confused, or reeling from the shock of it all? Would you think that the people leading out and those participating in such things hated America and relished the idea of it's destruction?

Further still.....what if the educated defenders of such things explained that reenacting great terrorist events, flying jihadist Bin Laden flags, and commemmorative celebrations, say, like, Jihadist Month....were, in reality, only reminders, history lessons or a form of educational entertainment, or even worse, innocent pastimes, harmless hobbies?

The United States is remembering the Civil War this year, the 150 year anniversary of the War's beginning was remembered yesterday. A war that went on from 1861-1865 and killed some 600,000 Americans. Our most bloody war ever.....and we fought it amongst ourselves. It was a war brought on by traitorous state actions in defiant nullification of, and secession from, the U.S. federal government.

Last night, Rachel Maddow had a very impressive segment on the Civil War of the 19th century.....and the lingering divisions still with us at the start of the 21st century. Well worth a review if you missed it.

I also highly recommend the mockumentary, "CSA: The Confederate States of America",..."a fictional "tongue-in-cheek" account of an alternate history, in which the Confederates won the American Civil War, establishing the new Confederate States of America."

Oddly, or perhaps not, ever since the U.S. elected it's first black president, Barack Obama, there seems to be a renewed interest and strange nostalgia for all things Confederate. All of it could be simply coincidental, I suppose....but for some reason it doesn't feel that way.

Melissa Harris-Perry explained it this way.....

"....the symbol of the black president and the first family is a very powerful one. He literally embodies the American state now in a black body. And so, for the sort of residual Confederate mindset, which exists, by the way, not just in the South, as you said, but the Confederate mindset that infiltrates throughout the U.S., that is a very anxiety-producing moment that brings up all of these unresolved sort of political, cultural issues."

But "anxiety producing" does not mean that Americans will soon be taking sides and shooting at each other. What I think is happening is that this "anxiety" that many Americans are experiencing with the demographic changes rapidly moving America's white population into a position of minority around the year being exploited by cynical and power hungry politicians.

I think that's what we have witnessed with Sarah Palin. I don't think Palin is a racist....I don't.....but rather a shrewd opportunist willing to divide Americans for her own financial advancement. She took her opportunity as candidate for VP to exploit the anxieties of white, Christian Americans by characterizing Barack Obama as an "other". An "other" to be feared.

Palin's eagerness to go down this opportunistic, yet divisive, road has now led to many other Republican opportunistic politicians to follow suit. Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann,.....and now, today, we find the repulsive vomiting from the narcississtic-whore, Donald Trump, again re-vitalizing the fairy tale conspiracy theory known as Birtherism. CNN's latest poll had Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump tied for the GOP's top presidential billing next fall.

These opportunists do not believe in their own bullsh*t.....they don't. But they know that other anxiety filled Americans will,....and that means more money and/or fame for the opportunists. That's the way America works today.

The problem comes when the bullsh*t becomes institutionalized. The threat to the nation comes when the spoutings of opportunistic bullsh*t artists becomes the common knowledge of a population. With the help of the disgusting Limbaugh's, Levin's and Murdoch's in the country.......a good 30% of the nation has now been led to believe that another civil war is not only necessary, but imminent.

That hysteria, then, leads to numerous nullification threats, as we've witnessed in Arizona, Missouri, Idaho, Kansas and the latest from Maine.....

Yesterday, the Maine House voted to send a message to President Obama asking him to please pay attention to the 10th Amendment and avoid federal overreach. "We, your Memorialists, respectfully claim sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution over all powers not otherwise enumerated and granted to the Federal Government by the United States Constitution," the resolution reads. It passed the House by 79-67.

"United we stand....divided we fall"......Canned Heat.



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