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By The Reverend Published: June 7, 2011

In Florida you can pay $400 and in eight days receive a high school diploma.

No word on whether Ohio Governor John Kasich has recommended the Florida program for all of Ohio's public high school students....but just think of the savings. I think Florida is on to something....don't you? Not only would the state be rid of those communist infiltrators teaching our kids evil truths like...evolution, but just imagine all the money our local communities could raise selling off those costly high school buildings.

Besides, kids today know too much for their own good anyway. And with public high schools off the budget entirely, we can rid ourselves of all those anti-American union teachers and make it possible for St. LittleJohn of The Perpetually Rich to eliminate the socialistic "death tax" on Ohio's most worthy citizens.

it's called common sense conservatism for a reason.

Like the extremely common sensical idea to permit patrons of liquor establishments to legally carry concealed weapons. As I understand the brilliance.....concealed carry patrons of bars won't be permitted to drink alcohol should they enter with their weapons. Guns and alcohol don't mix, some non-common sensers warn. Ohio gun

nuts enthusiasts say they don't want to mix the two, they just want to get them as close to each other as possible.....just in case.

The freedom-loving, gun

nuts enthusiasts tell me that their original legislation "specifically stated that an establishment had to have a food service license" in order to qualify as an establishment where concealed carry laws could be extended. I'm guessing....but I suppose it's because there is so much reported thuggery and holdups of patrons in restaurants that also serve alcohol. Who knew? But then these same bastions of uncommon common sense "soon found out most bars likely have (a food service license) because they serve some kind of food." Imagine that. These guys really are genuises.

Yet another sanctimonious common sense conservative entered the Freakshow we refer to as the presidential process yesterday. Pennsylvania's Rick Santorum. The Rickster. He trotted all his common sense up to a mic yesterday and told a few listeners that D-Day, 67 years ago, was all about U.S. soldiers fighting for Paul Ryan's right today to scrap Medicare for seniors.

The stuff you learn from common sense conservatives......really opens one's eyes, doesn't it?

While we're on the subject of common sense conservatives who will never be president...consider the Midnight Ride of the Wasilla SnowBilly Paul Revere,...Sarah Palin. Not sure whether it's the prescription drugs, or whether Levi Johnson scored some high-potency pot for the Grifter 1/2 Termer.....but her common sense rendition of Paul Revere's ride sent my head spinning.

Revere was warning the British that they (the British) were coming? Revere warned the British that THEY were coming by ringing bells? Revere was warning the British that THEY were coming by ringing bells and taunting the British that the militiamen had the right to carry concealed weapons in bars that served food? Somehow, the story seems to have changed a bit. It's probably just me.

Crazier still....or, a richer display of common found in the concerted effort by Sarah's "real America" fans to quickly revise Wikipedia's apparently incomplete record of Paul Revere's ride.

The earth was created in six 24 hour days, America is a Christian nation, compassion is cutting taxes on the wealthiest and making the elderly sick pay for it, guns should be carried into bars, public schools should be dismantled, WW2 was fought in order for Paul Ryan to take guaranteed health care away from 21st century seniors.....and Paul Revere warned the British.

I can't take much more from these common sense freaks.



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