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Common Sensical Mama Grizzlies

By The Reverend Published: July 10, 2010

The former Mama Grizzly governor of Alaska....has introduced a new SarahPAC video ad.

The corn and the pone are still thickly in evidence, but it's plain to see that Sarah has finally hired a few video production professionals to window dress the absurdity that surrounds any blathering which takes her seriously.

Over the years I have written about the use by conservatives of the words, "common sense", heard yet again in Palin's "common sense conservative women" with their "common sense solutions."

The implication inherent in Mrs. Palin's snide use of "common sense" is that smart, highly educated problem solvers....experts, if you will.....America's brightest and best....lack "common sense". In this case, the common sense of a "Mama Grizzly" bear...which, apparently, is just like the common sense of homo-sapien mothers, who, "just kinda' know when somethin's wrong."

See...the common sense, intuitive Mama Grizzlies "just kinda' know", they just do,...and so they ".. rise up on their hind legs when somebody's comin' to attack their do something adverse towards their cubs". In Sarah's metaphorical masterpiece, the Mama Grizzly doesn't have to know what the threat to her cubs actually is, she just instinctively knows to strike a defensive pose. No thought processes involved.

The Mama Grizzly in the metaphor is meant to be the antithesis of our current president, Barack Obama, and his no-common-sense supporters. Obama is very highly educated....very intelligent. Obama processes a vast array of very complicated information, listening to all sides, and sets in motion a strategy based on that information. Mama Grizzlies, you see, don't do that. They simply "know"....and so they just react intuitively. Grizzly Mamas....ummm....don't attend Harvard, why would they?

Obama's supporters, on average, are more highly educated than their conservative counterparts.....and so they too lack the "common sense" of a Grizzly Mama, a creature who "just knows", in the same way that "common sense conservative women, comin' together with their common sense solutions", just kinda' know "when somethin's wrong."

What's perplexing here is not that conservatives continue to sarcastically denigrate educated Americans and the universities they attend.....hell, conservatives have made a cottage industry out of bashing those "liberal commie" professors who dare to teach the up-to-date findings of the scientific community, as opposed to relying on, you know, "common sense".

What's perplexing here is this part.....

"the momma grizzlie bears, who rise up on their hind legs when somebody's comin' to attack their do something adverse towards their cubs"

...which translates thusly...

"that's what we see with all these women who are banding together, rising up, saying no, this isn't right for our kids and for our grandkids and we're going to do something about this"

Obama and his progressive supporters are the ones in Sarah's metaphorical masterpiece who have come "to attack" the offspring of common sensical conservative women. For the past 18 months, majority Democrats have gone about plotting "to do something adverse" to the children of common sense conservative women in America.

No details are forthcoming in the SarahPac ad on what it is that these commie stalkers of conservative women's children....have actually done to endanger said children. No matter....not important....those common sense conservative women just know...instinctively, you know, like female grizzly bears do.

In short, then....Mrs. Palin, in her typical homespun, feisty and sarcastic telling Americans that the enemy of American children, the enemy, nay, predator, who has come to attack America's children in order to do something adverse to the Democratic majority led by the highly educated, yet lacking common sense, Predator President Obama.

All this, of course, is divisive.....and meant to be. Sustance free, naturally, and venomous in it's symbolism.

Understood, however, is the false notion that the policies of Obama are a dangerous attack on America. What's understood is that Democratic legislation intended to address an array of very serious and systemic problems......expanding health care for cub children, injecting government demand into the depressed economy of bear families, providing unemployment insurance scraps for unemployed lazy bears, restricting the Bankster and Oil Bears from further destroying the wilderness landscape where bears all just an insidious attack by the highly educated, common sense-less, socialist bears to, I guess, eradicate all bears, or at the very least, enslave all bears.

That's what "common sense conservative grizzly mama" bears "know."

Take it from the Top Gun Mama Grizzly.....she knows all about protecting her cubs.

When Sarah was under attack by that measly governor's salary she was paid up in Alaska, she intuitively knew that she had to protect those thousands of Alaskan cub bear constituents from that attack by standing up on her hind legs and......abandoning them.

Sarah simply knew, instinctively, that abandoning her cub constituents after 18 months of protecting them was the "common sense conservative" motherly thing to do.

Now the SpokesBear for all Common Sense Conservative Mother Bears is cheering the other "Mama Grizzlies" to follow her lead.

Makes a lot of, you know, sense.



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