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Concerning Alberto Gonzales' Resignation

By The Reverend Published: August 28, 2007


I was away from my computer all day yesterday and wouldn't you know it? Lots of, what appear on the surface, important news. Of course, Alberto Gonzales stepping down seems the most significant.

The first thing to remember in Alberto's resignation is this: The Bush White House has never done ANYTHING of significance without a political goal in mind. A strategy that is purely political. The Commander Guy, himself, isn't much interested in governing. He never was. But he likes the political fighting....a lot. People will disagree with me on this but it matters not, on this, The Reverend is correct. Any politicos who would place soldiers in harm's way, out valuable CIA agents, dismantle the Justice Department(for starters), all for the sake of holding and/or gaining political power.....wouldn't do anything significant without first having the primary purpose of political gaming in mind.

The blogosphere is buzzing, as you would expect, speculating on why Gonzales stepped down now, with many, many theories being thrown around.

Here's The Reverend's take:

First, Bush's words yesterday about Gonzales:

After months of unfair treatment that has created a harmful distraction at the Justice Department, Judge Gonzales decided to resign his position, and I accept his decision. It's sad that we live in a time when a talented and honorable person like Alberto Gonzales is impeded from doing important work because his good name was dragged through the mud for political reasons. Source

Very obviously, Bush is not giving in even an inch on admitting that Gonzales has EVER done anything wrong. No admission of error....typical Bush strategy. He never admitted any misjudgments or errors by Don Rumsfeld, either. Why the resignation, then? Why accept Gonzales' resignation now, if indeed, Alberto hasn't done anything wrong?

Simple. The Dems have been "dragging" the blemish free Attorney General's name "through the mud" and because the Dems are doing this they are "impeding" Gonzo's "important work". It's the Democrats fault that Gonzales had to resign.

Here's Senator John Cornyn from of the worst Republican creatures ever....and yesterday's designated hitman for the White House...

His resignation marks another casualty of the hyper-partisan atmosphere in Washington that does not serve the best interests of the American People.


...his (Gonzales) mistake was underestimating the ferocity of relentless partisan attacks and not preparing more to address them. Perhaps because their attention was distracted by 300 other investigations already launched by the Democratic majority, the Justice Department did a very poor job in responding to these spurious charges.

To be clear, Senate Democrats control a Senate at a period of historic low regard by the American people for the very reasons that bring us where we are today. Now, the question is: once the President chooses a new nominee...will they conduct a fair confirmation process, or will they continue the partisanship and endless investigations that have been the hallmark of this Congress. Since taking power over 200 days ago, Democrats have opened more than 300 investigations and held more than 600 oversight hearings, while their other notable accomplishment is renaming 20 post offices. Source

See? It's simple. According to Sen. Cornyn, the only mistake Alberto Gonzales made was "underestimating the ferocity of relentless partisan attacks". It's those damn Democrats fault again.

When Democrats won back the Congress last November (narrowly in the Senate) the GOP strategy, going forward after their defeat, was to stonewall by filibuster and the like. Not allow any Democratic "victories", so to speak. The political ploy called "the surge" was all part of this political plan to attenuate the Democratic win. The political "surge" was the "we create reality now" plan to fight with Democrats over. The Republicans knew, if they stuck together, they could stop the Democrats from ending Bush's war of choice in Iraq. And so they did. Then these same GOP'ers could point to the Democrats "failures", gleefully, as a reason to reject them in 2008. That's what they have been doing and that's what Cornyn did again yesterday.

I believe, at this point, that Gonzales stepped down yesterday in order to start another fight with Democrats in an upcoming nomination and confirmation ordeal for a new Attorney General. And right at the same time that the Iraq issue will be going hot and heavy. Cornyn made specific reference to "300 investigations", "600 oversight hearings" to prepare the media for what's coming next.

Bush will face the Iraq quagmire situation in September. He has no choice if he wants to "stay the course", never admitting error. The Congress must approve the funding. Through all this the president and the GOP cretins must not allow Dems to gain any edge, even though 65% of Americans want us out of Iraq. Attempting to make the Democrats look like 'witchhunters' in a new confimation hearing for an Attorney General, I believe, was the reason why Gonzales stepped down NOW. The Republicans must believe they can build on current low Congressional approval numbers that, they themselves, helped create, by throwing Democratic questioning of a new AG nominee into the "300 investigations" category. Expect a controversial nominee, you know, somone that can really be fought over.

Typical Rovian theater. Pick a new fight, then blame the other side for fighting. Point out, and have the lapdog media repeat endlessly, that all the Dems want to do is fight and that's why their numbers keep going lower. Rinse and repeat.

So be looking for this new dynamic next month to blunt any Iraq negativity that somehow leaks out making the Decider, and the GOP Rubber Stampers who support him, look even worse. Yes, after all this time, that's still possible.

I hear the Knee Pad Media bunch is expecting a new delivery of knee pads soon in preparation for their September "work".



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