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Confused About Abortion

By The Reverend Published: December 1, 2007

Conservatives would like to end a woman's right to an abortion. This is not news. Striking down Roe vs. Wade has been the goal of the forced pregnancy lobby ever since Roe was decided.

All serious GOP candidates for president lay out their roadmap to end Roe and it always starts with appointing "strict constructionists" to the Supreme Court. Simple code words for "ending Roe".

Sending abortion back to the states, as if that is going to solve anything, is the easy escape for GOP'ers to kind of wash their hands of the matter.

One question in the YouTube, CNN extravaganza the other night took the abortion issue to the next level.....

(54 seconds)

If, indeed, as pro-life candidates always say, abortion is killing a human, then it certainly follows, if abortion becomes illegal, that SOMEONE would be committing a crime. Crimes usually have punishments attached to them.

Ron Paul first tries to dodge answering by saying the feds don't determine punishments for crimes states have control over. Anderson Cooper presses Paul for an answer...he relents and says, "I don't personally think so", as his response to whether the woman having the abortion should be charged with a crime. Seeming almost confused, Ron Paul includes, "it certainly is a crime".

A crime with no charges? How is that a crime?

Fred Thompson, so far a disappointment to conservatives who placed their high hopes in ol' Red Truck, seems just as confused with his answer. Thompson wants the "charge", if Roe is struck down, to "go to the doctor", as it currently does in the "partial birth" legal mess. If Roe is struck down, Thompson would not want women charged with a crime if they sought out an illegal abortion, just the doctor, "not the girl, the young girl, or her parents".

This type of thinking, first of all, is a basic insult to women and girls. The two GOP'ers answers merge into a wider avenue of thought which considers women who seek abortions as totally incompetent human beings, not capable of making a sound determination about pregnancy and therefore not to be held culpable in what these conservatives consider to be a "crime". It's as if these presidential hopefuls consider women seeking an abortion in the same way they would consider a mentally retarded person who committed a crime.

Typical patriarchy with an unintended condescension chaser.

Republicans, who perennially bad mouth abortion as evil and as murder and all the rest.....are extremely reluctant to elaborate on the punishment for women seeking abortions, should Roe be overturned. This is because, I would suggest, the majority of Americans do not want abortion outlawed. The forced pregnancy lobby is in the minority.

Charging or punishing the woman who has an abortion, even though she knows it would be illegal to have one(given the hypothetical of the question),......appears harsh and even mean-spirited to that same majority who do not want Roe overturned.

Politicians never want to sound or appear harsh and mean-spirited (with the exception of Tom Tancredo.....oh yeah.....and The Dick).

So instead of giving a mean spirited answer.....Ron Paul and Fred Thompson put the guilt and punishment burden on doctors while simultaneously demeaning the mental capacity and thought processes of "girls, young girls and.... parents".

Pre-Roe thinking was pre-women's rights thinking, for the most part. Men, who controlled everything and basically still do, thought women were....oh, I don't know.....kind of silly creatures who were prone to hysterical thinking and, left to themselves, unable to make sound decisions. Couldn't blame women, really, they were just made that way....dependent on the wisdom and superior decision making abilities of men. Not exactly like, you know, children.......but similar.

Ron Paul and Fred Thompson's responses concerning the abortion issue are reminiscent of those pre-Roe days.



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