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Conservatives Respond To Mandela's Death

By The Reverend Published: December 7, 2013

What has been of keen interest to me in the wake of the death of Nelson Mandela is the reaction of American conservatives. There is no disputing the fact that U.S. conservatives, including Ronaldus Maximus, opposed ending South Africa's apartheid regime. To guys like Jesse Helms, Jerry Falwell, Dick Cheney and Ronald Reagan....Mandela was a communist and a terrorist. The End.

The idea that majority blacks in South Africa had no democratic right to vote and should be kept under the thumb of minority-white leaders appealed to many American conservatives during South Africa's apartheid regime.

All of that is simple history. Research that history at your leisure.

What is not history, however, is the reaction by many American conservatives to the death of Nelson Mandela. That reaction is very much in the present. Here are just a few....

..South Africa would have been so much better off had Mandela died about 50 years ago. He helped turn the once vibrant country into a crap-hole. The majority of blacks are much worse off and did not support him nor do they support his party of communist backed thugs.

..Mandela is a great example of the power of the media to turn a terrorist into a saint in the eyes of the public .

..the media will label anybody a hero. He had the same kind of job as Obama had "community organizer" but on a larger scale.
He waited for the white south africans to build a world class economy and country then steps up and uses the race card so "his people" can take it over.

..He was a communist who's ANC party has destroyed a once vibrant South Africa and turned it into a black run shithole just like all of the black run countries in Africa. Blacks have suffered far greater under this regime than ever under white rule.

..He was a Communist Racial Hatred-Oriented Snake! He was no hero or statesmen! The lie of "harmony" that the Western World touts about this guy, is completely unfounded!....And, yes, he's burning in Hell this very moment!

..Mandela, like Obama, was a sub-human piece of excrement who was defied by the media and who, like Obama, intentionally destroyed a nation and it's people; black and white for political gain.

That's not even the tip of the tip of the hateful iceberg floating around conservative comment threads in the past few days. If some of those comments seem's because they are.

As I see it, white conservatives inside America saw Mandela's efforts to bring democracy to South Africa as very reminiscent of the Civil Rights movement in the United States during the 50's and 60's. Martin Luther King Jr. was also accused of being a "communist", his civil rights movement accused of being "infiltrated by communists."

If one is curious about why today's U.S. conservatives have been so focused on "takers" and "parasites" and the poor being "lulled to sleep on hammocks", "food stamp" presidents and the "47%".....keep in mind that many U.S. conservatives opposed the ending of apartheid in South Africa as well.

In both cases there is the feeling by many conservatives that blacks are undeserving recipients of stuff whites made possible. In this thinking, democracy plays no role. Instead, the superiority of whites reigns supreme....even to the point of denying one-man, one-vote. In South Africa of the past, blacks were not permitted to the U.S. of today....conservatives still work to suppress minority voting through undemocratic voter ID laws in search of a voter fraud problem.

My point here is not to overstate the problem conservatism, currently and historically, has had with racism. Indeed, our society has made great progress in the last 50 years with many conservatives embracing full equality.

But as you can plainly see in the comments above.....our "exceptional" nation of people has a ways to go yet before we can call ours a "post-racial" society....even if Chief Justice John Roberts disagrees.

For an overview of Republican and American conservative opposition to ending South Africa's cruel apartheid regime....go here. Many of conservatism's brand names were on the wrong side of history then. Will the same be said in the future about many of today's conservatives?



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