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Conspiracy Theory As Political Projection

By The Reverend Published: April 4, 2014

The attack on the CIA outpost masquerading as a consulate in Benghazi, Libya came on Sept.11, 2012. The date is important if you want to understand....check follow the Republican conspiracy theory which immediately developed after news of the violent event was reported.

Sept. 11. 2012 was less than 60 days before the U.S. general election. Republicans constructed their conspiracy theory based on that timing. From the conspiracy's inception, conservative enemies of President Obama accused him and others of misleading the public over what happened that September evening in the hellhole northeastern region of a Libyan nation in turmoil.

The "rationale" for Obama's alleged misleading cover story about Benghazi was that he was worried about his re-election. As the theory goes on the right, because Obama was worried about voter perception of the violent event coming as it did during the heat of a general election campaign.....the president and others conspired to falsify the nature and facts about the Benghazi violence so that Obama would not appear as a weak Commander in Chief.

As Politico put it, the president's opponents claimed that....

....there were political motives behind the framing of the information surrounding the incident.

Soon-to-be-radio-talker Rep Mike Rogers (R-MI) put it this way yesterday.....

Chairman Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) said the talking points “did not reflect the best information available” and were used by the administration “to perpetrate a false narrative about the attacks.”

The Republican conspiracy theory over Benghazi doesn't focus on the violence, itself....but rather on the "narrative" of the event as explained by Hillary, Susan Rice and the president, himself. Republicans.....without any evidence whatsoever.....accused the White House of purposely misleading the American public for "political motives."

Yesterday the House Intelligence Committee heard testimony from Deputy CIA Director at the time of the Benghazi event, David Morell. The reason GOP opponents heard from Morell yesterday was to find some way to get him to say what they wanted him to say about those "political motives."

For the umpteenth time, Republicans came away disappointed....

“We did not deliberately downplay the role of terrorists in the Benghazi attack in our analysis or in the talking points,” Morell said during a House Intelligence Committee hearing.

“And neither I, nor anyone else at the agency, deliberately misled anyone in Congress about any aspect of the tragedy in Benghazi,” Morell added.

“There are areas where the CIA’s performance and my own performance could have been better, but none of our actions were the result of political influence in the intelligence process. None.”

Seems relatively clear, right? None usually means....none. Just not to folks like Rep Peter King (R-NY). Morell didn't say what Republicans wanted him to say....which means to conspiracy theorists whose minds are made up that Morell was lying....

“The fact is, to believe him you have to believe, basically, everything is contradictory to the facts,” King said, adding that the administration has not told the truth on Benghazi and that Morell has been part of that process.

“Bottom line is, Susan Rice and the administration told the American people it arose out of a video and demonstration,” King said. “They never mentioned terrorism at all, and that’s the reality. They can’t rewrite history.”

Nothing King uttered was based in truth. President Obama referred to the Benghazi event as an "act of terror" less than 24 hours after the event took place....and the best information immediately following the event informed of Muslim demonstration protests in multiple countries over an anti-Muslim video that had been airing since Sept 3rd, 2012 on Egyptian media outlets.

Projection is a tricky proposition in politics. Conspiracy theories which rely on projection are even trickier in my opinion. Yet, that is exactly what Republicans are still attempting to pull off with their Benghazi conspiracy theory.

What Republicans are after in this "scandal" is purely this Monday statement demonstrates....

"We are once again calling for the appointment of a Joint Select Committee to investigate the terrorist attacks on our compounds in Benghazi," Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) said in a statement...

Even though there is no there, there.....Serious Mavericks from the GOP are still insisting on a Special Select Committee to be formed to investigate....something. That is because a Select Committee, headed by Republicans, would drag out the dispute into the 2016 campaign for the presidency.....with the GOP-hope that Hillary would be damaged politically by such a Committee.

Like I mentioned, projection is tricky in politics. Republicans projected their mindset onto President Obama over the Benghazi event and constructed their conspiracy theory based on that projection. Obama had to be covering and making stuff up for political reasons because that is what Republicans would have done if the roles were reversed.

What has been really going on here is that Republicans are acting with purely political the Benghazi story for a singular purpose. The objective, the goal? In 2012 the goal was to defeat Obama in his re-election bid. Today it's to pre-empt a Hillary Clinton presidency.

No matter how many hearings are held, no matter how many Very Serious statements are issued using Very Serious Republicans, Benghazi is only a political tool to exploit in their quest to take back the White House.



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