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Conspiracy To Defraud

By The Reverend Published: October 17, 2008

Updated below

The FBI is investigating whether the community activist group ACORN helped foster voter registration fraud around the nation before the presidential election.

A senior law enforcement official confirmed the investigation to The Associated Press on Thursday. A second senior law enforcement official says the FBI was looking at results of recent raids on ACORN offices in several states for any evidence of a coordinated national scam. Link

Voter registration fraud? WTF?

ACORN spokesman Brian Kettenring said that in most cases the bogus registrations were flagged by ACORN supervisors during a review, brought to the attention of the local officials when they were submitted, and ACORN fired "probably a couple of dozen" employees who fabricated them. Under most state laws, the organization must submit every card an employee collects, he said.

Let's be clear about this. This concerns new voter REGISTRATIONS. This is NOT about actual voter fraud.

Let's say I'm an ACORN voter registration employee and while collecting my weekly paycheck from ACORN I submit 100 new registration cards. Later, ACORN officials examine the cards I submitted and find out that 25 of my cards have been filled out with the identical name, The Reverend. 25 of my cards have been filled out with the identical name, Ronald Reagan. 25 of my cards have been filled out with the identical name, Superman. And 25 of my cards have been filled out with the name, Commander Codpiece.

With me so far?

How many new voters have I registered?

How many votes could be cast based on my 100 new voter registrations?

Answer: Zero and...umm, let's

In my fictitious story, if fraud has been committed, what party has been defrauded?

Answer: ACORN. They paid out the money to me and I submitted to them 100 phony registrations.

In my story, if fraud was committed, I committed it. I didn't commit fraud against the American public, I committed fraud against my employee, ACORN.

Now let's review what the FBI says it is looking at ....

"...the FBI was looking at results of recent raids on ACORN offices in several states for any evidence of a coordinated national scam."

Honestly, WTF? "A coordinated national scam?"

Expanding my hypothetical....

100 Reverends from a dozen states conspire to "coordinate a national scam." Each of the 100 Reverends, in this sinister story, gains voter registration employment with ACORN (at $8 hr) in a dozen different states. The 100 conspiring Reverends submit, in total, 10,000 voter registration cards before our "coordinated national scam" is uncovered by ACORN officials. Of the 10,000 registration cards, 1000 have the identical name, The Reverend, 1000 have the identical name Ronald Reagan, 1000 have the identical name get the idea.

In this "coordinated national scam", who got scammed? If ACORN paid the 100 Reverends, then ACORN got scammed.

In this "coordinated national scam", how many votes were fraudulently cast? Zero.

The only fraud investigation possible here would be an investigation into ACORN being defrauded.

So again....WTF's going on here?

"What's going on here is a fair amount of partisan behavior on the part of local election officials," said Kettenring of ACORN. Noting that ACORN had flagged problematic registration cards to local authorities, he added, "They're politicizing cards that we identified ourselves and marked as such."

"These are former workers who defrauded us and we would like them brought to justice," Kettenring said. Link

Not just "local election officials". Here's really WTF's going on....

RNC chief counsel Sean Cairncross called ACORN "a quasi-criminal organization" engaged in "a systematic effort to undermine the integrity of the election process nationwide."

McCain spokesman Ben Porritt later added ACORN to the list of other Chicago figures with links to Obama. "Whether voters consider Barack Obama's relationship with William Ayers, Tony Rezko, or ACORN, he has a litany of concerning associations that should be fully examined,"

McCain raised the issue of voter registration fraud yesterday, telling a rally in Wisconsin: "You've seen the allegations, the multiple registrations under the same name, the more registered voters than the population. These are serious allegations, my friends, and they must be investigated, and they must be investigated immediately and they must be stopped before November the fourth."

The Republican National Committee has held five separate conference calls for reporters on the subject this week

McCain, yesterday...

First 40 seconds in this video from the debate...

One week after the Republican National Convention, the GOP and John McCain realized they were going down to defeat on November 4th. Knowing this, George and The Dick's Justice Department was instructed, as they were in the U.S. Attorney's firing scandal two years ago, to do everything and anything possible to DISCREDIT Obama's upcoming win and the Democrats full takeover of Congress.

The conspiracy here, the fraud here, the only "coordinated national scam" here is being carried out by the Republican Party. In a perfectly time-released GOP Machine message, complete now with an FBI investigation, the soon-to-lose Republicans are seeking to pre-emptively discredit the results of a landslide Democratic win. The message of conspiracy from all of these GOP shenanigans will become yet another phony narrative we'll hear often....."The Democrats cheated and that's why they won the election."

The goal of this GOP conspiracy, itself a criminal act, is to pre-emptively DELEGITIMIZE the Democrats landslide win. All of this 2008 Keystone Kop GOP bullsh*t is the same type of GOP bullsh*t we witnessed from 1992-2000. Then, it was a long and concerted effort by these same GOP conspiracists to delegitimize Bill Clinton's presidency, ending with the completely bogus impeachment of the Democrat for lying about consensual oral sex.

That's WTF's going on again.

I have often, though not recently, blogged about the Republican Party being just short of a criminal organization. With George and The Dick whistling for the FBI attack dogs, as we learned yesterday, with the coordinated messaging of every GOP mouthpiece including John McCain himself, with these crystal clear attempts to suppress urban Democratic votes, with this choreographed stunt meant to raise doubts about the legitimacy of a huge Democratic there any doubt who is "coordinating a national scam?"

Update Montana:

"The executive director of the Montana Republican Party, Jake Eaton, resigned Tuesday "after a failed attempt to challenge registration of voters in some Democratic strongholds," the Helena Independent Record reported." Link

Addicted to crime.



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