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Cowards Still Scaremongering

By The Reverend Published: May 8, 2009

Whether it's an ex-college-cheerleader-turned-president prancing around in 2003 in a military costume from G.I. Joe's Dress-up Boutique, complete with a bulging dinghus protector cup,.....or a cowardly, draft dodging, ex-vice-president snarling yesterday about the unAmerican prospect of holding U.S. leaders accountable for war thing is for sure.....movement-conservative, American leaders talk tough, try to scare us, and then, behave like cowards.

The disconnect has been painfully obvious for years.

Cowards are always afraid of something. Cowards in political leadership, because they are cowards themselves, exploit their positions of leadership by trying to make scared bunnies out of the rest of us. I guess the thinking is that all scared bunnies will vote alike.

Yes, fearmongering works as a motivator, but it's cowards who conduct fearmongering.

Now, fresh off the defections of two key Republicans, Senator Arlen Specter and Joe the Plumber......another movement-conservative leader, John the Boner (Tanned-OH) has decided to go all retro on fear. Boner wants us to par-tay like it was late 2001.

It's hard for me even to type the name of the bill Mr. Boner and his colleagues of fear introduced in the House yesterday.

"Keep Terrorists Out of America Act".

No matter what the bill contains, who could possibly be against keeping terrorists out of America? In our Orwellian nation of group and double think, complete with myriad slogans of total irony, if a person is not for movement conservatism's faux-bill to keep terrorists out of America, then that person, by definition, must want terrorists IN America.

Such is the infant nature of our national political discourse, still being led primarily, but not exclusively, by cowards from the conservative movement and their cheerleaders in media. How many times has The Dick been given a national media platform SINCE leaving office?

From John Boeher's website....

The Keep Terrorists Out of America Act would:

Affirm Congress’ Opposition to the Release and Transfer of Terrorists. The bill affirms Congress’ opposition to transferring or releasing terrorists held at the Guantanamo Bay prison into the United States. Most Americans do not support releasing these terrorists from Guantanamo Bay prison and transferring them into the United States. The bill gives Congress an opportunity to show that it stands with the American people on this critical matter, and opposes the release and transfer of these terrorists.

Cowards, because of the nature of cowardliness, often try to deceive others while simultaneously scaring them. Take note of where Boner's bill says the Gitmo prisoners will be released. "Into the United States." Movement conservative cowards are scared....but they're not too scared to construct deviously deceptive phrasings, (as we experienced in the fraud-up to Iraq during 2002), to mislead the thinking of regular Americans. Boner and his Bonehead Buddies want you to think that Obama's closing of Gitmo somehow means Khalid Sheik Mohammed and Abu Zubaydah will soon be sitting next to you having lunch at the local Panera Bread.

There are 2.3 million inmates in American prisons, the highest incarceration rate in the world. 13,000 of those prisoners are held in maximum security situations because they are extremely dangerous criminals. None have escaped. None have been released into American communities, you know, on their own recognizance. No weekend passes for these 'worst of the worst' are handed out.

Does John Boehner think we should move those 13,000, already in the U.S. and posing no threat to our "communities", outside of the country? Of course not. Boehner, the duplicitous dope that he is, knows our "communities" are not under threat by 13,000 very dangerous prisoners already being contained inside various prisons INSIDE the U.S. Do "most Americans", as Boehner implies, really want those 13,000 extremely dangerous prisoners being held, without incident, right now inside the U.S. to be shipped to offshore American gulags? No.

It's all about the fear. Cowards, like today's movement conservatives, use fear to get their way.

Right now, tanking popularity numbers find movement conservatives trying anything to protect the national and international war criminals in their political party of choice from being fully exposed and held accountable. If Bush administration criminals are fully exposed, as might happen with U.S trials of terror suspects, then the GOP brand will be identified with criminality for decades. That's what Boehner and his fellow scare merchants are really afraid of. I might add, rightfully so.

Your sins will find you out, comes to mind.

From Boehner's bill....

"the Administration must certify to the respective governor and state legislature that the detainee does not pose a security risk to the United States."

Once again, the point is fear. Do U.S. maximum security prisons, where 13,000 very dangerous people are confined right now, pose a "security risk" to the U.S.?

The non-listening conservative movement cannot shake their habit of covering for Bush-era criminality. 4 months after voters removed Republicans from highest and majority office, movement conservatives are still so afraid that their extremely unpopular political party will suffer even more rejection through detainee trials, which could reveal even more damning evidence about Bush crimes......that they've introduced a bill in Congress to scare Americans over the closure of the American gulag at Gitmo.




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