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Religious Freedom Just Went Corporate

By The Reverend Published: June 30, 2014

I was wrong in my prediction. There was no deal amongst Republican Justices and more Democratic Justices. But I was correct in predicting a "splitting-the-baby" ruling possibility. John Roberts and his conservative wrecking crew are very careful in their incrementalist approach to moving our oligarchy-nation closer to a fascist-oligarchy one.

The rush of "religious conscience", for-profit companies to a federal court near you will now commence. The Roberts Court has, literally, opened a can of worms.

Incremental religious fascism is what I will call the ruling. You think I'm exaggerating? Go read it yourself. It's argle-bargle on steroids.

"In these cases, the owners of three closely held for profit corporations have sincere Christian beliefs that life begins at conception and that it would violate their religion to facilitate access to contraceptive drugs or devices that operate after that point."

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Is Driving Away Online Readers?

By The Reverend Published: June 30, 2014

I must explain from the start that I have never owned, managed or published a newspaper. I mention that because it is always easier to criticize how someone else is running their business when you know little about that business yourself.

What I do know is that for the last decade newspapers have been losing subscribers to digitally-delivered alternative sources. The newspaper industry has been experiencing what horse-drawn carriage makers experienced long ago after the horse-less motor carriages began hitting the market....the threat of obsolescence.

Why pay for a subscription to a print newspaper when the national and international news stories a newspaper contains are always at least 24 hours behind digital news? That is the question print media has been struggling to answer. How to make their product relevant and economically viable when alternative digital sources are both more timely and cheaper for consumers.

That is a rock-and-hard-place problem which our own Akron Beacon Journal has been wrestling with for a number of years. Honestly, I sympathize with the Beacon publishers and those folks who work for the Beacon. It can't be any fun not knowing whether your job will still be there next month or next year.

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"I See Pitchforks"

By The Reverend Published: June 28, 2014

Last Saturday morning I explained to readers how extraordinarily rich pricks in America were now starting to become self-aware about the dangers they may face because of extreme income inequality gaps in U.S. society......

The rich in America have always dominated the lesser classes through their incestuous relationship with government. However, (Goldman CEO) Blankfield is intelligent enough to know that there have been times in our history when the lessers fought back against the greed addicts....and those times were violent, ugly and very bloody. That is what the Wall Street CEO had in mind when he used the word "destabilizing."

Social unrest, violence, the threat of anarchy will quickly hollow out any nation's economy.....and Blankfield understands that. How can he and his fellow god workers amass even more if an angry society "destabilizes" god's vineyard?

Proving yet again that The Reverend is just slightly ahead of the pack of other idiots who think they have the accurate pulse of what is what.....I offer up this week's Politico Magazine piece by a very, very rich guy by the name of Nick Hanauer.

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Court Unanimous In Support Of U.S. Taliban's War On Women

By The Reverend Published: June 27, 2014

The Supreme Court issued its ruling yesterday on the abortion clinic "buffer zone" free speech case originating in the state of Massachusetts. Un-effing-believably...the Court ruled 9-0 in favor of abortion "protesters" and against women seeking a legal abortion.

This one is impossible to accept. Three "liberal" female Justices voted for the rights of simply awful, awful harass, harangue, intimidate, or threaten women trying to enter abortion clinics. How the hell is that even possible? And make no mistake about this terrible has nothing to do with free speech rights....that's simply a fig leaf.

This case is about abortion and whether the American version of the Taliban can continue to "work the edges and the refs" stopping women from exercising their legal right to access abortion services. Katie McDonough at gets it right when she states that the "speech", the f**king "gentle counseling" that John Roberts deems worthy of protection conveys one message, and only one....."Do what we tell you or we will kill you."

Dr. Warren Hern of Boulder, Colorado.....talking about his first hand experience with abortion "gentle counselor" protesters.....

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Tea Party Finds It Difficult To Hide Racism

By The Reverend Published: June 26, 2014

If you go can read about Rush Limbaugh's 2008 attempt to knock down candidate Barack Obama when he ran against Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries. Limbaugh was all shites and giggles back then, encouraging Republican voters to turn out in all open primaries to vote for Hillary and against the dark skinned Obama. Limbaugh called it "Operation Chaos." He was so very pleased with himself.

Limbaugh is a white patriot kind of guy who despises "tolerance" and "social justice" and he knew in 2008 that his listeners were as well. Tolerance and social justice to Limbaugh types means 'giving non-heterosexual, not-white males stuff they don't deserve.' So, the AM radio hater thought it would be fun to eff around with the "Democrat" primaries to, you know, stick it to that uppity Kenyan Usurper....causng "Chaos" in the Democratic Party.

And yes, Limbaugh's "Operation Chaos" made a difference too, just not enough for Hillary to win the 2008 Dem primary race.

But when Mississippi GOP Senator, Thad Cochran appealed to Democratic voters, and specifically black Democratic voters, to come out and vote for him in Tuesday's GOP special run-off election......Senator Cochran, according to "Operation Chaos" Limbaugh, was going after the Uncle Tom vote. "Uncle Toms for Thad" is what the racist talker called it. I guess "House Negroes" was too inflammatory.

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"Defiant" IRS Chief Dares To Answer Questions

By The Reverend Published: June 25, 2014

The division of the IRS allegedly under investigation by D.C.-Theater performers is the Tax Exempt Division. It is the job of that Division to determine which applicants for tax exempt status are eligible for such status, and which are not. What the Tax Exempt Division of the IRS does not do is audit personal tax returns.

I bring that up because in yesterday's Beltway Theater performances many propagandists suggested that missing Lois Lerner e-mails were, somehow, the ironic opposite of what a taxpayer has to go through if audited by the IRA Tax Collection Division. If a taxpayer has his tax return audited, the IRS requires evidence of any disputed deductions or exemptions. The Beltway Performers found that "obvious" irony humorous....the IRS "lost" it's evidence but if taxpayers gave that excuse they would be sent to Gitmo or jailed or some such malarkey.

Point has nothing to do with the other....despite the mockery, ridicule, and basic assholery exhibited by yesterday's Theater Performers.

Let's review. The original "scandal" setup was carried out by Bush appointee and original Reagan hire, Lois Lerner. She conveniently leaked a half truth just ahead of the release of an IRS report dealing with tax exempt applicants. Lerner explained that her office had inappropriately given extra scrutiny to Tea and Patriot 501 (c)(4) applications...and that that was wrong.

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"Leaving Is Losing"

By The Reverend Published: June 24, 2014

The Dick...June 17th...Wall Street Journal op-ed.....

Only a fool would believe American policy in Iraq should be ceded to Iran,...

He (Obama) seems blithely unaware, or indifferent to the fact, that a resurgent al Qaeda presents a clear and present danger to the United States of America.

The Dick.....last Wednesday....

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I Think They're All Lying

By The Reverend Published: June 22, 2014

I have been closely watching what has been happening in and around Iraq. Something stinks. I advise not taking any single account or explanation as gospel. I suggest to you that the left-right, blame Obama argument......renewed with unusual vigor immediately after hearing about some nebulous "terror" group that no one had even mentioned the tip off that everyone may be lying.

Before you believe one word coming out of the mouths of any U.S. political figure or corporate media stenographer concerning recent developments inside Iraq....remember this: When 15 out of 19 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia, the U.S. attacked Afghanistan...and then invaded Iraq. What no VSP ever suggested back then....was that we should attack Saudi Arabia. Still today, Saudi money is funding violent extremism....just as Saudi money helped fund the 9-11 attack. Saudi and Qatar money has also been fueling the violent upheaval in Syria.

But don't take my word for it. Keep on googling......which is not to be confused with Credence Clearwater Revival's "Keep on Choogling."

It does strike me as strange that the freest nation of people.....ever....are always the last to be informed of the truth. I wonder why that is.

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The Lord's Capitalist Vineyard Workers....Are Scared

By The Reverend Published: June 21, 2014

As the nation's economy hit bottom in late 2009......millions having lost jobs, homes, health coverage, and 401K funds....Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfield, under fire for paying out $16 billion in trader bonuses.....had this to say....

“We’re very important,” Lloyd C. Blankfein said in an interview with The Times of London. “We help companies to grow by helping them to raise capital. Companies that grow create wealth. This, in turn, allows people to have jobs that create more growth and more wealth. It’s a virtuous cycle.”

Blankfield stated that he was simply a banker...."doing god's work." No, really, that is what he said.

That was Nov. 2009. Since that time the market from which the Blankfields of our country feed their greed addiction has roared back. This week the S&P and the DOW closed at all time highs. Great news, right. God must be pleased.

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Conservative Schemers & Their False-Flag IRS "Scandal"

By The Reverend Published: June 20, 2014

The exciting news from yesterday came out of Wisconsin....

....prosecutors laid out what they call an extensive "criminal scheme" to bypass state election laws by (GOP Gov. Scott) Walker, his campaign and two top Republican political operatives — R.J. Johnson and Deborah Jordahl. No one has been charged, but this marks the prosecutors' most detailed account of the investigation yet.

The governor and his close confidants helped raise money and control spending through 12 conservative groups during the recall election campaigns, according to the prosecutors' filings.

The documents include an excerpt from an email in which Walker tells Karl Rove, former top adviser to President George W. Bush, that Johnson would lead the coordination campaign. Johnson also is Walker's longtime campaign strategist and the chief adviser to Wisconsin Club for Growth, a prominent conservative group.

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"Is Our Neo-Cons Learning?"

By The Reverend Published: June 19, 2014

I see that the Wall Street Journal has now become a safe-haven for international war criminals who have a desire to spread their vile propaganda. The question I have is whether the U.S. has an extradition treaty with Wyoming or whether a special-op will be needed to bring in the evil-doers. Also, can Murdoch's WSJ also be charged for aiding and abetting and granting safe haven to known war criminals?

But enough about the Cheneys.

Let's relitigate the Iraqi "surge" shall we? All the coolest effers in the Village think NOW is the time to dust off the only topic that still arouses the impotent John McCain....the "surge" in Iraq circa 2006-2007.

The U.S. attacked Iraq in 2003 after the Bushies knowingly misled Congress and the American people about Iraq posing an imminent threat to the "Homeland." It was all horseshite then.....and it still is. Iraq posed no imminent threat to our nation. Those who opposed the act of aggression warned that regime-changing Saddam would lead to a total meltdown of sectarian strife....which it did.

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Benghazi Attacker Captured.....GOP Clowns Dispatched

By The Reverend Published: June 18, 2014

You may have heard that a key figure, perhaps THE key figure, of the 2012 Benghazi attack on a CIA outpost masquerading as a U.S. consulate has been captured by American forces and is currently being questioned on a ship bound for the continental U.S........where the "weak" American president said he would be tried in a federal U.S. court.

The captured Libyan's name is Ahmed Abu Khatallah......

"What he did in the period just before the attack has remained unclear. But Mr. Abu Khattala told other Libyans in private conversations during the night of the attack that he was moved to attack the diplomatic mission to take revenge for an insult to Islam in an American-made online video," Times reporter David Kirkpatrick wrote in a story on Khattala on Tuesday.

Kirkpatrick reported back in December of last year how Benghazi witnesses had told him that the motivation for the Benghazi attack 9-11-2012 was the anti-Muslim video, "Innocence of Muslims."

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GOP "Fiasco" In Blood Red Idaho

By The Reverend Published: June 17, 2014

The state of Idaho is totally controlled by the Republican Party....

....the party...holds every statewide office in Idaho, every seat in the congressional delegation and more than 80 percent of the seats in the state Legislature.

Given the deep redness of state politics, one might think that Idaho Republicans would be basking in their dominance, working dutifully, happily and triumphantly to push for more financial benefits for the state's rich few while simultaneously shredding the state's safety net and keeping poor Idaho workers from gaining access to Tyrant Obama's Medicaid expansion.

It would seem like the state's GOP Convention this past weekend would have been a time for revelry, high fives, congratulatory short, a celebration.

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They Just Can't Help Themselves.....Coveting Being Raped

By The Reverend Published: June 16, 2014

A couple of weeks ago, WAPO columnist George Will typed a rancid opinion piece echoing the Republican Party's total disrespect for our nation's female citizens. Akron's only newspaper didn't reprint Will's screed against female citizens....even though Will's columns often grace the op-ed page of the Beacon. Will is just such a "civil" columnist.

To state that George Will is an annoying little overpaid prick with a bow tie, a wide vocabulary and a chip on his narrow shoulders is stating the obvious.....but as a "moderate" intellectual from the right hand side of the dial, I think his misogynistic column speaks to the obsession that corporate media has with some illusive bipartisan center.

Colleges and universities are being educated by Washington and are finding the experience excruciating. They are learning that when they say campus victimizations are ubiquitous (“micro-aggressions,” often not discernible to the untutored eye, are everywhere), and that when they make victimhood a coveted status that confers privileges, victims proliferate.

At first, I thought Will was referring to Tea Party conservatives. The making "victimhood a coveted status" part .....kind of threw me off track. But no, George Will was actually referring to females on campus who are sexually assaulted.

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The Next Big Thing

By The Reverend Published: June 15, 2014

In the next two weeks, Supreme Court decisions will become the Next Big Thing We All Disagree About. I expect award winning frivolity to fact, I'd bet on it.

The Supremes' decision that will re-rock our political divisions will come in the Hobby Lobby ruling. The central issue in that case is not really about mandated contraceptive coverage by religious employers....not really. The central issue is whether for-profit corporations have religious rights.

If the Supremes side with Hobby Lobby....agreeing that corporations have religious rights.....our legal system will be flooded with opt-out cases from corporations all over this nation. Corporate conscientious objection will become the new national rage.....further exacerbating our already-troubling national political divisions. Many corporate owners will become devoutly religious overnight and will flood the legal system with conscientious objections to whatever it is they do not want to comply with. Paying taxes, maintaining worker safety laws, employee benefits, non-discriminatory hiring practices....virtually anything one can imagine.

If the Supremes determine that, no, for-profit corporations do not have religious rights....because, you know, corporations having religious rights would be like my DeWalt cordless drill having religious rights.....then many conservative Christians (half of the GOP base) will, naturally, claim they are being victimized by tyrannical government.

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Taking Advice From "Experts"

By The Reverend Published: June 14, 2014

If you look at today's AB Journal opinion page you will find two op-eds addressing the current flareup in Iraq. One op-ed is written by David Ignatius, the other by David Brooks. Both men helped promote the Iraq invasion in 2002-2003.

Therein lies the problem with US. media. The very people who were entirely wrong in their "expertise" and opinions about Saddam, and WMD and how the U.S. invasion was going to be such a glorious cakewalk of U.S. exceptionalism.....are the same people Professional Media again relies upon for "expert" opinion on Iraq today.

Accountability, at least for the Very Serious People who allegedly practice journalism, has been officially pronounced dead.

What I think is even worse is that, apparently, Professional Media consider their "customers" ignorant suckers who don't have the brain power to remember what happened yesterday.

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Our Long War To Increase Muslim Extremism

By The Reverend Published: June 13, 2014

George W. Bush and his self-annointed vice president, Richard Cheney, aka The Dick, egregiously exploited the 9-11 attack in order to fulfill all the wet dreams of the neo-con members of the Project For the New American Century. That's the reason why we attacked Iraq. To fulfill the glorious ambitions of rich and well-connected neo-cons by establishing strategic U.S. military installations in middle eastern Iraq....from which America could "project it's power throughout the region."

Naturally, Americans couldn't know about the authentic reason for attacking Iraq.....and so began the Justification-of-the Day Game by the Bushies. WMD, aluminum tubes, old videos of a dog dying from chemical weapons, smoking guns and mushroom was a marathon of mendacity. Why? Because Americans wouldn't be pleased if the Bushies simply explained the PNAC reason.....the genuine reason for attacking Iraq.

But what was it that American troops were doing in Iraq for all those years? According to Rancher George, it was "spreading freedom." What America was actually doing in know, in the midst of all the killing, displacement, destruction, torture prisons and human misery....was "spreading freedom."

Freedom through violence. Quite the slogan. But that's the slogan the Bushies sold to an unknowing audience of Americans. Instead of peace through military buildup, the new Orwellian slogan of 2002-2003 became freedom through violence. Deterrence through strength would no longer cut it. Too risky. Pre-emptive war became the new rage.

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Terrorist Attacks We Should Fear

By The Reverend Published: June 12, 2014

According to data collected by the New America Foundation, right-wing extremists have killed 37 people in 16 violent incidents, in the United States since the 9/11 attacks. That number is more than the 21 people killed by militants motivated by al-Qaeda's ideology in the United States in the post-9/11 era.

As Janet Napolitano warned just a few months into Obama's first term, anti-government right wing violent extremism is America's number one domestic threat.

So, when two Bundy standoff attendees recently decided to assassinate, point blank, two police officers outside of Las Vegas, drape a "don't tread on me" flag over their dead bodies, shoot and kill one other person and then suicide each other.....why wasn't the violence referred to as a domestic terrorism attack by corporate media?

A few questions.

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Cantor Crushed In Historic Primary Loss

By The Reverend Published: June 11, 2014

Each and every GOP congressperson moved a little bit further to the right last night when they heard about GOP House Minority Leader Eric Cantor's loss to libertarian Tea Party darling, David Brat. Never before in U.S. history has a House Majority Leader been knocked off by a primary challenger.

And it wasn't close, either.'ll have to pardon my his ass kicked. He lost by 11% in his predominantly Republican Virginia district.

So, what happened? Polling in Cantor's district showed that the Majority Leader would beat Brat by a wide margin.

Cantor was a casualty of the "amnesty" crowd.

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Is Texas An Establishment-Republican State?

By The Reverend Published: June 10, 2014

Texas has the second largest population of all the 50 states in the Union. That means that when the Republican Party of Texas approves a GOP platform for it's state party, that platform carries more weight than, say, if Wyoming Republicans approved a GOP state platform.

Just this past Saturday Texas Republicans did just that.....approved a platform of "principles" for Texas Republicans to run on in the 2014 midterm election. Because Texas is a cocky red state, because Texas ain't Wyoming, the rest of the country should pay attention to what Texas Republicans really stand for.

Is this what establsihment Republicans will fight for?.....

*....We strongly urge the Texas Legislature ignore, oppose, refuse, and nullify any federal mandated legislation which infringes upon the states's 10th Amendment Right. All federal enforcement activities in Texas must be conducted under the auspices of the county sheriff with jurisdiction in that county.

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They'll Say Anything To Maintain Permanent War

By The Reverend Published: June 9, 2014

I wish Republicans would make up their minds on whether Saddam was responsible for 9-11.......or the 5 Taliban members Obama traded Sgt. Bergdahl for last weekend....

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) on Sunday called the five Guantanamo detainees released in a prisoner swap for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl "hardcore military jihadists who are responsible for 9/11" and said he expects them to return to fighting against the U.S.

I realize it is oh-so-uncivil to bring this up, but Mr. McCain is full of shite. The Taliban tried repeatedly to turn over Bin Laden before, and after, W. declared them just as guilty as the 19 hijackers for "harboring al-Qaeda." So, no, the Taliban is not al-Qaeda, even though it was convenient for the Bushies to confuse the two in the minds of Americans who were being propagandized at the time.

As far as the 5 released Taliban members in exchange for Sgt. Bergdahl.....not only is McCain a liar about them being "responsible for 9-11" but also that they are the "worst of the worse."

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Justice Scalia Stung With His Own Words

By The Reverend Published: June 8, 2014

I haven't been writing about marriage equality much be side has been winning the argument from courthouse to courthouse across the country. As I have mentioned before, when the Supremes struck down DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act.....opponents of marriage equality had lost the fight.

Judges in Idaho and Wisconsin, however, have recently gone the extra-legal mile in their rulings on marriage equality......using arch-conservative Antonin Scalia's own words in a 2003 case as, at least, partial justification for striking down state gay marriage bans. For your average liberal blogger, it doesn't get more satisfying than that.

Last month in blood-red Idaho....

In declaring Idaho's same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional on Tuesday, U.S. Magistrate Judge Candy Dale name-checked Scalia's dissent in the 2003 decision Lawrence v. Texas, which struck down an anti-sodomy law.

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Give 'Em Something To Talk About

By The Reverend Published: June 7, 2014

Even faithful liberals like Kevin Drum at Mother Jones think President Obama bungled the prisoner swap for Sgt. Bergdahl.....

I exchanged some emails with a friend about Obama's seemingly tone deaf handling of the Bergdahl case, and one of the things he said is this: "My read is he is getting bored and detached after being so boxed in and hammered. He sounds like he is starting to check out. I think the staff is getting demoralized and are just not caring too much since they know it's going to get hit one way or the other."

Obama has always had a certain amount of contempt for the modern media and its endless Politico-style pursuit of shiny objects designed to "win the morning." Ditto for the parochial nature of congressional politics and the insane tea-party style of no-compromise governing adopted by the modern Republican Party.

Was Obama's handling of the prisoner swap "seemingly tone deaf?" Is Obama, worn down by the ridiculousness of our nation's profit-seeking media, just checking out early? Doesn't Obama even care anymore?

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Hollowing Out American Unity Thru Phony Narratives

By The Reverend Published: June 6, 2014

More on the Sgt Bowe Bergdahl matter for those who are interested.

Yesterday I referred readers to the NY Times piece reporting that "Republican strategists" arranged interviews with members of Sgt. Bergdahl's platoon. I asked why...if not to turn Bergdahl's release by the Obama administration into yet another hysterical rightwing political shite-fit.

A former Bush administration official who was hired, then resigned, as Mitt Romney’s foreign policy spokesman played a key role in publicizing critics of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the released prisoner of war.

The involvement of Richard Grenell, who once served as a key aide to Bush-era U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton and later worked for Romney’s 2012 campaign, comes as the Bergdahl release has turned into an increasingly vicious partisan issue.

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How They Care For The Troops

By The Reverend Published: June 5, 2014

*You know how I congratulated the NRA just the other day for acting like "responsible gun owners" and speaking out against the madness associated with Open Carry Texas and similar groups? I take it all back. Frack the NRA.

**I see that the crazified crew is "just wondering" if Hillary is using a walker in her People magazine cover shot.

Now, however unseemly, ......time to review yesterday's not-surprising reaction to the release of Sgt Bowe Bergdahl. It was slightly less than inspiring to watch the truly terrible Morning Blow participants yesterday morning revert to impersonating the Republicans during the Terri Schiavo embarrassment. Say what?

Everyone on the MSNBC "news" show, surprisingly, had become doctors....I guess, overnight. You see, Mika and the gang saw the Taliban video of Bergdahl's release. And by gum, Bergdahl's health looked good. Why, the Seargent walked.....can you believe it?...walked to the helicopter.

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Like Blind Pigs Searching For Acorns

By The Reverend Published: June 4, 2014

Deja vu is the sense of having experienced something before. Deja vu has a French origination (duh) and literally means "already seen."

I've already experienced, already seen, what Republicans are doing to Democratic President Obama. Conservatism changes not.....and neither do Republicans when confronted with a Democrat in the White House. There are few relevant differences between how the GOP, and corporate media, have treated the Obama presidency and how they treated the Clinton presidency.

In the 90's Republicans ran multiple unrelated investigations into Bill Clinton. Other than the constant sound of the Mighty Right Wing Wurlitzer......nothing came of any of the investigations. At least not until a blue dress was discovered unwashed and $80 million more tax dollars were torched in a failed effort to remove Clinton from the office he was elected to twice.

Blind pigs do stumble upon the occasional acorn.....and today's Republicans, as they stumble from one blind Obama-scandal alley to another, are hoping to recapture the magic from those ludicrous Lewinsky days. Fast and Furious, the birth certificate, Solyndra, New Black Panthers, healthcare.guv, IRS, Benghazi, and the latest....a prisoner swap. That is not an exhaustive list either. Go here for an anti-Obama scandal list which lists 25 separate and distinct "scandals."

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Open Carriers Revolt Against NRA

By The Reverend Published: June 3, 2014

Just recently I mentioned something about the need for "responsible gun owners" to speak out against their fellow gun owning brethren who were flaunting public places like fast food restaurants and public parks. Well, shiver my timbers....

The NRA's Institute for Legislative Action released a surprising statement on Friday condemning Texas gun-rights supporters who have been hosting demonstrations in which they go into restaurants carrying long guns. The demonstrations started getting a lot of attention once Chili's, Chipotle, Sonic, and Jack in the Box asked patrons to refrain from bringing firearms into their restaurants.

That's right, the lobbying arm of the NRA denounced the tactics being used by members of Open Carry Texas. Hard to believe isn't it? The really fun stuff is still to come. But first, here are a few excerpts from the Institute's statement.....

Let's not mince words, not only is it rare, it's downright weird and certainly not a practical way to go normally about your business while being prepared to defend yourself. To those who are not acquainted with the dubious practice of using public displays of firearms as a means to draw attention to oneself or one's cause, it can be downright scary. It makes folks who might normally be perfectly open-minded about firearms feel uncomfortable and question the motives of pro-gun advocates......

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Here's How Republicans "Support The Troops"

By The Reverend Published: June 2, 2014

Here is the Republican response to the deal reached by the Obama administration to trade five Taliban prisoners in Gitmo for the lone American prisoner of war in Afghanistan, Army Sgt Bowe Bergdahl......

“Trading five senior Taliban leaders from detention in Guantanamo Bay for Bergdahl’s release may have consequences for the rest of our forces and all Americans. Our terrorist adversaries now have a strong incentive to capture Americans. That incentive will put our forces in Afghanistan and around the world at even greater risk,” House Armed Services Committee Chairman Howard P. McKeon (R-Calif.) and the ranking Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, James M. Inhofe (Okla.), said in a joint statement.

Politicizing tragedy in foreign countries is what Republicans do when a Democrat sits in the White House. Simply consider their 2 year exploitation of 4 dead Americans in the Benghazi tragedy....all for political purposes. So, it comes as no surprise that Republicans would openly criticize Obama's decision to swap prisoners. If Obama encouraged world peace, Republicans would instantly accuse him of surrendering to, no surprise that Republicans did not greet the welcome news of Bergdahl's release as a positive accomplishment.

But then, Republicans have been fighting for 2 solid years to prevent the Obama administration from negotiating a deal for the release of our lone prisoner of war in Afghanistan. This excerpt is from a must-read article written two years ago exclusively focusing on Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.....

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Oklahoma Republicans Flip Minimum Wage Workers The Bird

By The Reverend Published: June 1, 2014

It was just a little over a week ago that I told you about how Oklahoma's Republicans deal with tornado shelters at their public schools. Oklahoma public school districts are basically on their own because state GOP officials prefer giving tax cuts and tax advantages to the state's few rich people instead of spending tax monies to protect children attending public school from being killed in a tornado. Seven Oklahoma school children were killed last year in a devastating tornado. GOP Rep. Tom Cole told a reporter recently that some Oklahomans had learned a "tough lesson." The state experiences 50-100 tornadoes every year.

Just this past week, Oklahoma GOP Governor Mary Fallin signed into law a bill that bans all cities in the state from raising the minimum wage. Yes, a ban. And not just a ban preventing elected officials from raising the minimum wage....

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin (R) signed a bill Monday prohibiting cities across the state from establishing mandatory minimum wage and employee benefits, including vacation or sick leave days.

Smell the freedom? How about the small, non-intrusive government?

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