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CPAC Attack

By The Reverend Published: March 7, 2014

New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie was not welcome at last year's Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) gathering. You see, Christie's overwhelming ambition to be re-elected governor of his state with huge bipartisan support, (thus setting the stage for him being the most "electable" GOP presidential candidate in 2016) also included a big photo-op after Storm Sandy with you-know-who.....President Obama.

Not only did Christie not get invited to last year's CPAC gathering because of that photo-op with Obama but the now-scandal-plagued governor was actually blamed by conservatives for Mitt Romney's loss in the 2012 election. 

But amazingly, or not, Christie was one of the featured speakers at this week's CPAC shindig. Here's how the guy who was accused of losing the election for Mitt Romney less than two years ago was received by CPAC attendees this year.....

...the crowd stood and cheered when the governor entered and exited and interrupted him several times with applause, especially when he attacked the president and the media.

What a difference a year makes, huh?

But what does Christie's appearance at this year's conservative hullabaloo say about conservatives?

Anyone who expects to be a national candidate for the GOP must avoid even the appearance of compromise with those who are not Republican. But get yourself embroiled in multiple scandals of corruption and petty political acts of retribution.....finally come under scrutiny by a previously hypnotized and swooning press corps.....give probable cause for an investigation by the U.S. Attorney's office.....and your CPAC featured speaker ticket is in the mail.

Yesterday, after having been properly-chastised a year ago by CPAC, Christie did his best to convince conservatives attending that he, like all of them, hated President Obama just as much as they did.

"We don't need your opinion, Mr. President, on what income inequality is. We don't have an income inequality problem in this country, we have an opportunity inequality problem because government's trying to control the private market."

Those two lines were very "well received" by CPAC attendees. Why? Because they are fiction. If you have been paying attention, you know that what conservatives love more than bashing a Democratic president is....fiction. Conservatives have entire media networks now that they rely on for their fiction. Christie is aware of this fiction-loving amongst his party's voting base.....and so he made some phony stuff up to win the hearts and minds of the conservative crowd.

Income inequality in the U.S. is not "opinion." Numerous charts of confirmation here. Christie is also aware of those charts, the evidence for our national income inequality problem is obviously overwhelming. But this from Christie is just sounds stupid....

"We don't have an income inequality problem in this country, we have an opportunity inequality problem because government's trying to control the private market."

What is an "opportunity inequality problem"? No, seriously....what is an "opportunity inequality problem"? Fiction-loving conservative forces have come up with what they think is a counter-volley, catch-phrase to all the mountains of transparent evidence which points to our nation's problem with income inequality......"opportunity inequality." I can't even come up with a guess as to what the heck that even means. But what I do know is that the United States stock market, allegedly an indicator of how, you know, the "private market" is at record and near-record highs.

If, indeed, "the government's trying to control the private market" under Obama's leadership.....then what I don't market-movers and shakers complaining.

And Christie understands all of that as well. He knows that his richer-than-god, "private market" buddies are bathing in.....success. Who do you think paid for his re-election campaign? So what gives?

When in Rome. When at CPAC, GOP presidential hopefuls must.....sorry....feed the exotic animals with what they prefer. That's what Christie was up to yesterday.

CPAC is a yearly "Pavlov's Dog" exercise. Christie also knows that. And so the corruption-filled, jelly-roll of a big man included just the right amount of fictitious red meat in order to mislead the crowd into thinking he really is as crazy as the crowd he was speaking to.

But as the latest polling demonstrates, it is getting harder and harder for GOP candidates to fool the already-foolish. This year's CPAC 'straw poll' is a day or two away, but suffice it to say that Chris Christie, despite his careful, selective feeding of the fringers, will most likely be among the also-rans......

A new Washington Post poll finds that 38 percent of self-described conservatives say they “definitely would not vote for” Christie.



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