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"Cut, Cap...and Pretend"

By The Reverend Published: July 19, 2011

Slogans are great, aren't they?

"Things Go Better With Coke", "We Bring Good Things To Light", "15 Minutes Can Save You 15%",.....slogans must suffice when substance is lacking and branding is the only goal. President Obama issued a new slogan shortly after the midterms that he entitled, "Winning the Future." A stupid was. But then, most slogans are....stupid.

Take John Boehner's new GOP slogan announced yesterday to much synchophantic fanfare in the corrupt corporate media. Boehner announced that today, Tuesday, the Tea Party infested House would vote on a new slogan to prove to the American people that they mean business...or something.

Enter the new GOP slogan...."Cut, Cap and Balance". Kind of sounds like something done in a gun or tire shop, but like I said...other than simple replication, slogans have no meaning. Cut, Cap and Balance will be the smokescreen used by Republicans to fend off Tea Party criticism for not shutting down the federal government, once and for all. Tea Partiers sent 87 new extremists to the House to shut the place down, or like Ben Quayle put it a year ago, "knock hell out of the place." In reality though, Republicans only control one House of they can't really do what the Tea Party nihilists sent them to Washington to do.

Thus the need for a brand spanking new....but still meaningless....slogan.

The problem Congress has right now in raising the debt ceiling has been caused entirely by the Tea Party know-nothings. Republicans in the House and Senate know they have to raise the debt ceiling to prevent the U.S. from triggering a worldwide depression...but they also know if they do raise the ceiling without dismantling a significant proportion of the federal government.....Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, all discretionary spending, the EPA, the Education well as overturning a few Constitutional Amendments....Tea Partiers will primary their asses out of office come next election.

Okay...with that background...let's examine the new GOP slogan..."Cut, Cap and Balance"..

The bill would not allow an increase in the ceiling until three conditions were met:

First, the bill would require a reduction of $111 billion in federal spending in fiscal 2012, exempting defense, Medicare and Social Security from cuts. Then, it would set caps on future spending, limiting it to a certain percentage of the gross domestic product. If the rule is violated, the bill would require sharp, automatic, spending cuts.

Third, the bill would require both houses of Congress to pass a balanced budget amendment.

Cutting $111 billion from the 2012 budget will absolutely result in higher unemployment and an even more sluggish economy next year....which is exactly the outcome Republicans have been hoping for in order to knock off President Obama next November. So, the "cut" part of the GOP slogan is simply the same-old-same old. Tea Partiers told us from Inauguration Day that they had to "take their country back" from the new black Democratic president.

The "cap" part of the slogan has been tried before...and it has never worked. Setting a cap on federal spending would handcuff the government when and if they needed to spend money for emergencies, wars...etc. Non-Tea influenced GOP officials understand that....but 87 House Tea Party nihilists control our a "cap" slogan is just going to have to do.

The "cut and cap" part of the new GOP slogan that will be voted on today in the House, is allegedly for the purpose of slowing spending down causing the economy to dip just enough for a GOP'er to recapture the presidency in 2012. Republicans, as they proved when in the majority from 2001-2007, don't give one damn about deficits or debt....but if they can wave a slogan like some hypnotist's medallion in order to mesmerize the slow and the dull going into next November's election....just maybe the slogan will help them reach their top priority, making Obama a one term president.

The laughably pretension part of the GOP slogan is the "balance" part. "Cut and Cap" is the stop gap part of the slogan....enforced just until a Constitutional amendment can be passed and ratified. That might happen the day before hell freezes over. 2/3rds of the House and Senate must vote to pass any Constitutional amendment. What do you think the chances are of that happening?

And then, even if the impossible would happen, 3/4ths of the state legislatures would also have to approve of the Constitutional amendment before it went into effect. There are a lot of wingnut states, as witnessed in the 26 states who are trying to reject the democratic process of the federal government in passing healthcare legislation with 60 senatorial votes, ....but 75% of the United States' states have not completely lost their minds. At least not yet. So any silly sloganeering about "balancing" the federal budget with a Constitutional amendment is nothing but smoke and mirrors....pretending.

That brings us full circle. Last fall Republicans ran on jobs, jobs, jobs. With voter turnout low, the Tea brigade was able to hoodwink enough voters to give power to Republicans in the House. The House immediately started passing bills limiting abortion and defunding NPR and Planned Parenthood....and have yet to offer anything resembling a "Jobs" bill.

What these same Republicans are doing today in the House is no different. It's all sloganeering and pageantry. Junior high drama. Their goal is the same as it was when they recaptured the House.....pretend to be carrying out the crazed-will of the Tea Party nihilists while working to further deteriorate the nation's economy...for the sole purpose of booting Obama out of the White House on January 20, 2013.

"Cut and Cap", but most of all....Pretend.



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