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Dangerous National Threat

By The Reverend Published: August 19, 2009

Much has been said about the young black man outside of an Arizona health care reform town hall. The one who had an AR-15 semi-automatic assault weapon strapped to his back.

Some rather imaginative conservatives have suggested that the assault weapon toter was an Obama plant. The man was black and Obama is black, so, you know, blacks stick together, I guess. See....according to this conspiracy theory.....this black Obama plant was strategically placed so that the media would cover what appeared to be a gun nut willing to endanger a town hall crowd by carrying a weapon that could easily slaughter hundreds of people, not to mention the toter's proximity, and threat, to the President.

In this conspiracy theory, a black Obama plant openly carrying a loaded assault weapon at a crowded political function, a story quickly memed around the country by "liberal" corporate media, was all for the purpose of making Republican opponents of health care reform appear to be insane.

Other conservatives, thankfully, recognized the foolishness, the potential danger, of so many people carrying loaded weapons to a heated political gathering, and in particular, a gathering which featured the POTUS.

The black man who carried the assault weapon was a plant alright. A plant straight out of the Tim McVeigh school of peacemaking. A plant strategically placed in a town hall crowd for the specific purpose of being interviewed by yet another extremist. An extremist who actually has, you know, palled around with terrorists.

Notice the light-heartedness, the funnies shared by these advocates for open assault weapon carrying at crowded political gatherings in America where the President is appearing...

The kicker about this story is the fact that this was a staged event to advance the violent-minded doctrine of armed overthrow of a "tyrannical" government. And the interviewer, who staged the whole thing and who was also armed, has a history of siding with domestic terrorists. If you think I'm just going all Palin on ya'....go read this.

In another video interview with the assault weapon toter, a man only known as Chris, explains he is totally against health care and wants to remind people that we must resist and fight back against the majority imposing it's will on the minority. Though elected Republicans don't strap on AR-15's (at least not yet), they do agree wholeheartedly with Chris' sentiment. Responsible stuff like this....

"We will forcefully resist people imposing their will on us through the strength of the majority with a vote."

"Just because you sic the government on people doesn't make it morally OK to steal money from people. Taxation is theft."

"Chris" says he is "absolutely, totally against" health care reform, saying such a plan would amount to "stealing it from people."

He also said more people should carry guns openly in states where it's legal.

"People need to get out there and do it more," he said.

These gun toters, though not representative of the entire conservative movement in America, alarmingly, do indeed represent the current strategic philosophy of the conservative movement and the Republican Party. American conservatives only accept majority rule when the GOP is in the majority, and corporate whore media agrees with that thinking,.....once again, if you think I'm kidding, read the Beacon's opinion page today.

Makes what I wrote on January 28th of this year seem, I don't know,.....prophetic....

Obama won the election….Democrats increased their majorities in the Congress….so minority Republicans should get their way on all new policy decisions.

Chris, the assault weapon toter, agrees. And if people like Chris, or Mitch McConnell, or John Boehner...don't get their way.....well then, there's always the assault weapon work of "watering the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants."

Violent authoritarism is a serious threat to America. The reason we most often see it during Democratic majorities or Democratic presidencies is because when Republicans are in control, they channel that violent authoritarianism through international acts of aggression, torture, wars of choice, etc. During GOP majorities, these violent authoritarians know that their "rights" to own assault weapons, weapons designed only to kill large numbers of humans, will be fully protected.

Our nation, though much calmer than back in the 60's, is going through a very challenging time. If our current differences are settled without bloodshed and violence this time around, I'll be pleasantly surprised.



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