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David Ignatius: Serious, Smart, Columnist

By The Reverend Published: August 31, 2007


The Akron Beacon Journal, Thursday edition, reprinted a David Ignatius' Washington Post article, I suppose, because Ignatius is regarded as a serious writer for the MSM, or should I say KPM (Knee Pad Media).

Ignatius is part of the Washinton D.C. set of connected elitists. If you read the entire piece you'll see Haley Barbor's public relations work. The public relations work paid for by designated thugman, former interim Iraqi prime minister hoping for another chance to lead Iraq, Ayad Allawi. Here's one paragraph from the Ignatius piece....

The CIA warned in the summer and fall of 2004 that the Iranians were pumping money into Iraq to steer the Jan. 30, 2005, elections toward the coalition of Shiite religious parties known as the United Iraqi Alliance. By one CIA estimate, Iranian covert funding was running at $11 million a week for media and political operations on behalf of candidates who would be friendly to Iran, under the banner of Shiite Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani. The CIA reported that in the run-up to the election, as many as 5,000 Iranians a week were crossing the border with counterfeit ration cards to register to vote in Iraq's southern provinces.

Long/short. The serious and somber and oh-so-sharp David Ignatius is telling us Iran influenced the 2005 Iraqi election, we did nothing about it, and it was Pelosi and Condi's fault because the CIA had a plan for America to influence the Iraqi election and didn't follow through, resulting in Jawad al-Maliki being elected. Thus, Iran "won" the 2005 Iraq election.

Now read what smart David Ignatius wrote shortly after the actual, you know, Iraqi election.....

The Iranians "pressured everyone for Jafari to stay," Khalilzad said. One senior Iraqi official said the gist of Iran's letters was "stick with him, or else." The phrasing was more subtle, including warnings that replacement of Jafari could "create instability" and damage the political prospects of those who opposed Iran's diktat. The decisive blow came from Iraq's Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani, who let it be known in the final days that Jafari had to go. Link

Summary: Ignatius wrote in April of 2006 that Iran wanted Jafari to stay as prime minister. Jafari lost the election to Maliki. But now Ignatius says Iran influenced that election, their man won and because of Pelosi and Rice, the U.S. lost an opportunity to fight back against Iranian influence.

I suppose the Beacon reprinted Ignatius' story because, as we can clearly see, Ignatius knows what he is talking about and has been a "serious journalist" veteran for a grown-up paper for so long.



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