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By The Reverend Published: August 8, 2007


I watched the Democratic "debate" last night on MSNBC. Of all the events thus far on either side, last night's was the best. Keith Olberman even got the best of Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama with one of his questions. It was a twofer moment.

Olberman asked both Obama and Clinton about why they waited so long to vote "no" on the Iraq War funding bill back in May. The bill passed 80-14. Olberman's question implied that the two Democratic frontrunners voted against the bill only for politcal reasonings once they saw that the bill would safely pass. The vote by Hillary and Barak, presumably, were political bones they could throw to the left.

A print summary and a link to the video of the debate are found here.

Obama fielded Olberman's question first and stumbled badly in his attempt to give an answer to what was obviously a no-win question. Hillary, with a bit more time to think about what she would say, simply avoided a direct answer.

Hillary is brilliant and seems to be channeling her husband's political savvy more and more as she goes along. Obama is an inspirational new leader who actually makes cynical Reverends, like me, want to believe there's a shred of integrity left in the process.

That said....the answers these two gave to Keith Olberman's extremely direct question quickly reminded me why politicians can't be entirely trusted.



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