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Debate Questions Preview

By The Reverend Published: October 16, 2012

Possible debate questions...

To the President.....upon hearing about the Libyan violence, why was your first inclination to sympathize with the attackers?

To Mr. Romney..... on the Libya terrorist attack during President Obama's watch, why do you think the President's immediate response was to, as you rightly put it the evening of September 11th, "sympathize with the attackers"?

To Mr. Obama.....Mr. Romney has six studies that say his tax reform plan adds up. You have only the knowingly partisan Tax Policy Center study that says it doesn't. Tell our viewers, doesn't the preponderance of evidence support Mr. Romney's arithmetic rather than yours?

To Mr. Romney....In retrospect, do you think it was wise for president Obama to build his entire campaign around charges that you are a liar? And a follow did it feel, as an honest and good, tithe-payer, to hear the President of the United States insinuating that you were quite the liar? Did you and Ann pray together afterwards, asking god to forgive the President?

To Mr. Obama....Here's a tweeted question from Fumduck, Texas....What other industry takeovers by the government, similar to Obamacare, do you have planned for a second term.....that is, if voter fraud efforts hand you the election?

To Mr. Romney....Here's a texter from Utah....asking.....While at Bain, you created, from my research, approximately 40 million new that why the 47% of Americans who refuse to take personal responsibility for their lives are voting against you....because they don't want jobs, they only want handouts?

To Mr. Obama....This question is from our special CNN focus group of "undecided" voters....My concern in the election is 'freedom.' And as an undecided voter, Mr. President, can you promise voters right now, given a second term, that you will honestly work with Republicans to restore the freedoms you so carelessly took away from Americans during your first term?

To Mr. Romney....from the same focus-group....thinking over your stellar job creation and hard work at the fabulously successful Bain President Obama's efforts in his first term to make Americans more dependent on government seem offensive to you?

To Mr. Obama....from a studio-audience mother depends on Medicare, as do millions of America's seniors....that being the case, why did you take some $716 billion from Medicare to pay for medical insurance for non-productive 'takers?'

To Mr. Romney.....same studio you think a more freedom-loving approach to health care, like the market-based plan you and Mr. Ryan have proposed for Medicare, will finally lead to the end of our long nightmare with the communist movement?

To Mr. Obama....this question comes from our crack CNN team of reporters.....Mr. President....many Americans don't understand why you have worked so hard these last 4 years to divide our great nation. To take one example....your audacity of hope, apparently, led you to call our greatest Americans,....billionaire job creators on Wall Street...."fat cats." Aren't you sorry, and will you now apologize for, waging divisive class warfare in your first term?

To Mr Romney......would you like to take this opportunity to reply to president Obama's first term of insults to all multi-millionaires? And can you assure us that our greatest citizens....our "makers"....will never be disparaged in such an ugly fashion when you are elected president?

To Mr the unsettled controversy over whether women should have control over their own bodies....why have you come down on the side of immorality? Why do you refuse to respect the obviously-righteous guidance from so many learned Catholic and Evangelical leaders....why have you chosen your own hell-bound, secular beliefs over the long and holy traditions of the Church when it comes to the questionable use of contraception?

To Mr. Romney.....your wife Ann has reminded us of your basic human goodness by pointing to your yearly multi-million dollar donations to your fine and respectable church. Should there be a Romney you anticipate that your personal generosity and goodness will influence all Americans to be better human beings?

To Mr. Obama.....lastly in tonight's debate....would you like to take this opportunity, Mr President, to apologize to Mr. Romney for all the unfair and untrue attacks you and your campaign have launched against him and his exceptional running mate?

To Mr. Romney.....Can you find it in your heart to accept President Obama's apology for all the lies he has told about you?

Candy Crowley....well that's it from the second presidential debate....quite a bit of substance to ponder, I must say. Will tomorrow's headlines and twitter-thons accurately describe Mitt Romney's overwhelming win in tonight's debate....or will President Obama's apologists in the liberal media, once again, mislead American voters? Only time will tell. Good night from CNN, the Most Trusted Name in News.



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