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Debating Dual Narratives

By The Reverend Published: November 30, 2007

Dual and competing narratives seeking to explain reality are the visible symptoms of America's current political health condition.

The danger of the information age, an age in which the flow and the amount of information circulating has become an American populace not knowing what is real.....what is true and what is a lie.

Here's a video clip from the YouTube thing the other night illustrating this point.....


McCain, speaking about Vietnam, said, "American public opinion forced us to lose that conflict". While it is true that "American public opinion" played a role in the U.S. departure from is NOT true that "American public opinion forced us to lose..."

We "lost" because, after many, many years of quagmire and lies, there was nothing to "win". Just as there is nothing to "win" now
in Iraq....except the oil, of course. In Vietnam, just as in Iraq today, U.S. forces were sent to suffer and die for a huge mistake. There was no American interest to protect in Vietnam. We were there, allegedly, because of the domino potential of another "ism". Communism. Vietnam posed no threat to the U.S.

We didn't "lose" anything in Vietnam.....except for over 58,000 American lives, endless tax dollars and our national dignity. We should have never gotten involved in the first place. Just like with Iraq.

No, the U.S. military can't be outgunned....we win every battle. So what? As Paul retells, "It's irrelevant". You can't prop up a people and make them do what you want them to matter how many guns you have. And why does the U.S. believe it's their right to do so, in the first place?

The second narrative duplicity in the above video piece is the one about why those Islamic extremists want to hurt America. Ron Paul states the truth. The Islamic extremists want to hurt America, not because of the laughable reason Junior has spouted endlessly (because of our freedoms). They want to hurt us because, as Paul said, we are "occupying their countries".

And Paul goes on to say that we would do the same thing. If foreign military forces were based in America against the wishes of the population, Americans, undoubtedly, would rise up to hurt those forces and the country from which they came.

Ron Paul is a doctor but he didn't have to be Dr. Einstein to understand this basic truth.

The American people have been lied to now for so long on this issue that two distinctive narratives are now alive and well and circulating in competition with one another over the reason for the 9-11 attacks as well as numerous other Muslim extremist attacks.

Ron Paul spoke the truth clearly.....McCain did not. The reason Ron Paul has gained such notoriety and received so many donations for his campaign is not difficult to understand. McCain's poor numbers are not difficult to understand either.

Ron Paul, once again, told the truth about America's foreign policy and specifically, he told the truth about Islamic extremists and the Iraq mistake.



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