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Defaulting To Culture War

By The Reverend Published: February 10, 2012

I sympathize, somewhat, with the frustration of conservatives going into this fall's general election.

Really, I do.

I know the first rule of today's Republican Party: Democratic presidents elected by a substantial margin of the American electorate are not fit to be president. I get that.

But, conservatives have underestimated the Democratic President Obama. Though I disagree with much of what Obama now stands for (assassination powers, indefinite detention, no public option, handslapping of banksters, etc.) the Dark Knight has successfully flummoxed his conservative opponents by stealing part of their thunder.

First. Obama's neo-con ways have neutralized Republicans in an area Republicans previously claimed as their own. National defense. Noticeable by it's absence in the GOP primary blustering is any criticism of Obama over issues of national security. And why would there be? When Captains of the Neo-Cons, like Dick Cheney and Alan Wolfowitz, are praising a Democratic president for his continuation of the fascist Bush national security policies...and even expanding them.....what's left to criticize?

Sure, there's the "Obama bowing to Muslim leaders" and "Obama's apologizing tour" malarkey....but those are silly, childish taunts rather than serious foreign policy criticisms.

By continuing, and expanding upon, the Bush national security policies, President Obama has successfully removed national defense from the check list of conservative criticisms of any Democratic president. Perhaps that's what Obama meant when he said he would bring the nation together. On national security issues, the country has reached bipartisan nirvana. Democrats and Republicans alike have now embraced offshore gulags, indefinite detention, endless war throughout the world, presidential assassination of U.S. citizens powers, and the elimination of the 4th amendment's restrictions on government's ability to "search and seize" at their own discretion to keep us safe.

Conservatives were hoping and praying that the national economy would not pick up before the general election, and have been doing everything they can to slow down or retard any economic progress leading up to November, 2012. The GOP's top priority has been to remove Obama from the presidency....and as we've witnessed over the past three years....they have taken every opportunity to damage the national economy to assist them in removing Obama. The debt ceiling dispute damaged the economy a bit last August.....which was exactly what Tea Republicans were looking for in their resistance to continuing to pay debt primarily taken on during a Republican administration.

I counted three distinct occasions when Republicans pushed to shut down the the hopes that that would damage the overall economy....while simultaneously damaging Obama's re-election prospects.
But as we've spite of every effort by conservative elements to slow down or hamper the national economy, the economy is slowly recovering anyway. Nothing to shout about...but the economy is slowly moving in a positive direction.

And that is very bad news for Republicans who have been counting on a dismal economy in 2012. For example, here's Herman 9-9-9 yesterday....

President Obama is perpetrating a scam on the American people by offering altered figures about the unemployment rate, Herman Cain said Thursday.

The former presidential candidate and pizza executive charged Obama with deception, saying the president had changed the underlying assumptions to devise a jobs number that was rosier than the truth.

“I can count. And I also know when they have manipulated the numbers to create whatever number they want,” Cain told activists at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Gotta' be bogus numbers because Republicans were counting on a bigger unemployment number in their master plan to damage Obama's re-election prospects on the basis of a horrendous economy.

If national security criticism is off the table because Obama has adopted every neo-con policy....and the economy, despite Republican efforts to do damage to it leading up to 2012, is ever-so-slowly recovering.....then what is an out-of-touch political party seeking to oust the foreign president do?

Launch new sorties in the culture war.

Always the conservative default position. When in doubt, send the culture warriors out.

Attack the very popular Planned Parenthood with every weapon in the conservative Alamo. Humiliate your conservative selves in front of the entire nation by picking a fight over.....birth control. Re-re-introduce new proposals to bash gays and gay marriage.....return to Don't Ask Don't Tell.....throw every culture war bomb you can get your hands on.

Why? Because conservatives have nothing to offer the American people. Obama's right-left-right-left form of leadership has neutralized any perceived strengths Republicans thought they had over Democrats.

All that's left for Republicans to do is whine and play the victim card.....and that's what the renewed culture war is, sadly, all about.



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