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Defending The Indefensible

By The Reverend Published: June 2, 2010

The U.S., apparently powerless in the wake of the Chosen's "bloody massacre" aboard the Turkish humanitarian aid-carrying vessel bound for Gaza, has made no demands on Israel and has refused to condemn Israel for it's actions. The U.S. corporate-whore media spent all day yesterday defending Israel's right to do what-the-hell-ever it says it needs to do to "protect" itself. And I mean what-the-hell-ever.

As the entire world condemned the lawless, terrorist actions of Israel in this incident....the U.S. stood alone in it's defense of Israel's actions. Israel's lawless, unilateral actions of violence and murder of unarmed simply indefensible.....and yet the U.S still defends it.

To demonstrate how misguided and wrong American support for Israel's indefensible actions early Sunday morning are.....consider this...

CBS News Tel Aviv bureau chief Gaby Silon reports that about 50 foreigners from the ships were brought to an airport detention center in Israel Tuesday, waiting for deportation. Their nationalities were unclear but it didn't seem that American nationals were among those at the airport.

U.S. Embassy officials had been to the port detention center in Ashdod to speak with Americans detained in the raid. The officials would not tell CBS News how many Americans were present.

All Americans were to be deported as soon as bureaucratic procedures were completed, according to the Embassy officials.

In short.....America has become Israel's bitch.

Can you even imagine ANY other country doing what Israel did?

Did anyone hear ANYBODY in the media explain how many Americans were on that Turkish aid ship? Did anybody hear ANYONE in the media say anything about it being wrong for Israel to be holding, detaining, U.S. citizens who had done absolutely nothing wrong? Was there even the slightest peep about Israel's refusal to supply the names of Americans being detained?

In fact....did ANYONE even mention that Israel had arrested, and was detaining, American citizens who had been passengers on the humanitarian aid ship?

Why is it that the perpetrators of an internationally-recognized lawless action can hold hostages for days.....some of whom are American.....refuse to divulge how many Americans they are holding and who they are....and the American response is ....crickets? How the hell can that be?

Is the United States willing to stand up against the entire world in support of ongoing and indefensible horrors carried out by Israeli neo-cons?

I watched carefully as the American-Israeli propaganda was rolled out in defense of international Israeli-conducted piracy. It was more than even this jaded blogger could stand. From Andrea Mitchell to Lawrence Eagleburger, to Chrissy Matthews, to Anthony Weiner, to the lie-spewing Israeli Ambassador to the U.S.......all concluded that Israel was provoked by that unarmed humanitarian aid-loaded vessel traveling in international waters. All haughtily concluded that the Israeli soldiers, some who actually murdered 9 unarmed peace activists, were the victims.

Did anyone else see the highly edited video released by the Israeli government yesterday? The one which was obediently run on a loop by U.S. media? The one showing ONLY the part where activists on the Turkish vessel were striking Israeli soldiers? After watching every teevee outlet run the piece of Israeli propaganda so obediently.....and after NOT hearing U.S. media inquire at all about any American passengers being held by the Israelis......I felt ashamed for what the U.S. had become. Powerless defenders of the absolutely indefensible.

Does anyone believe that if the Israeli terrorist perpetrators would have been Iranians.....Iranians who had attacked and commandeered a humanitarian aid laden flotilla while in international waters.....Iranians who had seized a flotilla with 700 passengers, some of whom were American.....Iranians who were refusing to say how many Americans they were holding and who they were......does anyone believe that the United States leadership would remain timid and tongue-tied in their response? Does anyone believe that U.S. leaders would act so unsure?

Think the U.S. corporate-whore media would be singing a different propagandistic tune if the perpetrator nation was Iran rather than Israel? Not a trick question.

Yesterday's disgusting response by U.S. leaders and media was the worst I've ever witnessed. It truly was nauseating.

U.S. blindness to Israeli crimes and military aggression.....U.S. blindness to Israeli imposed apartheid practices......the U.S. defense of indefensible Israeli actions can not and will not work out to the benefit of the United States.....just the opposite.

So, why do we do it?

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