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Defending The Indefensible

By The Reverend Published: September 21, 2011

The U.S. is planning to block an upcoming U.N. Security Council vote to recognize a Palestinian state.

The reason given by the Obama administration for a U.S. veto vote in the Security Council?

The Obama administration and Israel both say that only direct peace talks can lead to peace with the Palestinians...

According to the Obama administration, the reason the U.S. will vote to deny Palestinians statehood in the U.N. is because "only direct talks can lead to peace."

Direct talks between Israel and the Palestinians collapsed a year ago after Israel refused to extend a moratorium on new settlements in areas the Palestinians want for a future state.

In effect, what is happening in this upcoming U.N. Security Council vote, is a demonstration by the U.S. that whatever process, or non-process, that Israel wants vis-a-vis Palestinian statehood, what the U.S. wants. The process, or non-process, doesn't have to make sense...or be equitable in any way. If it's what Israel wants, or at least Israeli leaders, then it's what the U.S. wants.

This is a very sad and dangerous situation for the U.S. to have placed themselves in. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has made it crystal clear through his duplicitous ways that he has no intention of EVER supporting a two state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian dispute. That explains the continued "settlement" expansion in Jerusalem and the West Bank. Ongoing Jewish "settlement" construction is one of the biggest sticking points preventing a peace accord which includes a two state solution.

Bebe Netanyahu has made it clear by his refusal to stop stealing Palestinian land that he will never reach a peace agreement with the Palestinians. The Palestinian people have often been accused of denying the right of Israel to exist as a sovereign state.....but by his actions, Netanyahu has been continually making the statement that Palestinians are the ones who have no right to exist as a sovereign state.

Apparently, the U.S. and the Obama administration agree with Bebe. A two state agreement cannot be attained through direct negotiations between the two parties because one party, Israel, will not stop stealing Palestinian lands. A year ago Israel "refused to extend a moratorium on new settlements." To Palestinians, that "moratorium" was crucial to any direct negotiations between the two parties.

Yet, the U.S. is now set to block any Palestinian effort via the U.N. to move to a two state solution.

If you have been paying attention to the disgustingly incompetent U.S. corporate media on this issue, you will not find an explanation which outlines what I have outlined here. For some unknown, or unknowable, reason, the U.S. seems to be willing to stand alone in defense of a continuing land grab by our ally Israel.

Yes, Israel has every right to exist as a nation. But, then, so do the Palestinian people in Gaza and the West Bank. Without a two state solution, Israel is guaranteeing that it will, eventually, not exist as an Israeli state in the future.

President Shimon Peres is concerned that Israel might become a binational state, in which case, he warned, it would cease to exist as a Jewish state.

"I'm concerned about the continued freeze [in the peace talks]," Peres said to people who visited him this week. "I'm concerned that Israel will become a binational state. What is happening now is total foot-dragging. We're about to crash into the wall. We're galloping at full speed toward a situation where Israel will cease to exist as a Jewish state."

What the U.S. will be doing by voting to block a two state solution in the U.N., though pleasing Bebe Netanyahu and the other Israeli rightwing radicals in the short term, is, in essence, voting for the eventual dissolution of an Israeli state.

Additionally, by vetoing the Palestinian request for a two state solution, the U.S. will be regarded by other nations of having a "double standard" when it comes to peace and freedom in middle eastern countries....

" A U.S. veto ... will be seen by the region as once again a double-standard policy of selectively standing by certain people in the region yearning for freedom, but not others," said Marwan Muasher, a former Jordanian foreign minister and now vice president for studies at the Carnegie Endowment.

How, exactly, that makes any beyond me.

But then, I don't pretend to understand why the U.S., with a Jewish population amounting to 2% of our total population, is oh-so-willing to defend any and every action, or inaction, of the state of Israel.

I think I'll leave it at that....for now. I'm fully aware of the odd Israeli-U.S. dynamic which prohibits any discussion which includes criticism of Israel. At times, it seems that even the mention of Israel....unless that mentioning includes lofty praises for everything a taboo inside proper American circles.

Read Glenn Greenwald's blog post on....dare I type it....The Israeli Lobby in find out why America does what it does to defend Israel at all costs.



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