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Defending The Slaughter of Innocent Muslim Civilians

By The Reverend Published: July 14, 2014

Saw this today...

The drone industry is set for a modern-day land rush, similar to when Oklahoma opened to settlers in 1889.

Private ownership and operation of drones will be one of the Next Big Things. What could possibly go wrong? Go here and read how close we really are to a drone-filled sky.

Talking about stuff going wrong. Have you noticed what America's 51st state has been doing lately?

News from the weekend informs that somewhere around 170 Palestinians in Gaza have been killed in the 1000+ "airstrikes" by the Israeli military. No Israeli deaths have been reported. Hamas is said to have launched some 800 crude mortar "attacks" into Israel. So far, with no Israeli deaths. Not one.

I'm not sure if the U.S. House of Representatives unanimous vote on Friday in support of Israel's "right to defend itself" was motivated by the fact that approximately 77% of the Palestinian death toll so far has been civilians. House members didn't elaborate. I mention that because the U.S. Congress has a very long history of supporting Israel's killing of Palestinian women and children. Oh, in self-defense, of course.

The justification for killing all those Palestinian civilians, many of them women and children, has been that the evil Hamas is using those civilians as, you know, "human shields". So, those civilians are fair game.....and should have known better than to be living in, or around, any densely populated portion of the Occupied Territory where "terrorists" also might be living.

It's the darnest thing. Every time Israel "defends" itself against crudely made Hamas "mortar shelling", a large number of "human shields" and "collateral damage" Palestinian women and children are killed in the process.....for example, the self-defending which resulted in this picture.....

I guess that's just the price of peace or freedom or.....hell, I don't know. Something.

And isn't it true that the U.S. House has quite a bit of experience in these types of matters? Veterans, so to speak. For the last 13 years, U.S. self-defenders have been slaughtering Muslim civilians in numerous countries located thousands of miles away from the, you know, Homeland. No one knows for certain how many Muslim women and children our exceptional nation has killed in our names while "defending" the Homeland these past 13 years.....because death tolls like that are matters of "national security". It's just better if We the people don't know. Safer that way.

Point being, our seasoned patriots in the House know when the killing of Muslim civilians is to be defended.....when the U.S. or Israel is doing the killing. And when the killing of civilians is to be condemned.....when Muslims do the killing. The rules of modern warfare are important, and should be followed at all times.

How impotant?

“Over the last several weeks, Hamas has fired hundreds of rockets into Israel from the Gaza Strip, putting the lives of our Israeli friends in grave danger. As Israel combats these acts of terror, I am pleased that this resolution shows that America stands behind our friends,” he (GOP Rep Tom Cole of Oklahoma) said. “I am also very proud that the Iron Dome, a joint Israeli-American project that intercepts missiles, has helped in the fight against terror and protected millions of lives. During these times of unrest, this technology is proving indispensable.”

Get that? Just as our Long War to kill Muslim civilians, accidentally of course, has been a great opportunity for our military-defense-intelligence complex to test out it's new drone killing too, the Israeli killing of Muslim civilians has been a great opportunity, surely by happenstance, to test out it's new Judeo-Christian-produced Iron Dome shield. Hey, whattya know dead Muslim women and children in Gaza, it works. And by god, Tom Cole and all the other Great Patriots in the U.S. House are mighty proud of those results.

Makes me want to jump up and salute the flag....the one with 51 stars.

I think our hyper-patriotic Congress has passed more resolutions in defense of Israel's right to "defend" itself via killing Muslim civilians than the Baggers in the House passed trying to keep their hateful base voters energized, check that, to rescind Obama's communistic takeover-plan of our health care system. But when it comes to acts of congressional patriotism coming out of such an exceptional nation....who can keep track?

On Saturday I couldn't post...but I wrote a screed on this same topic entitled "If You've Seen The Father..." where I wax a bit sacreligiously....and (I must confess) not-very-patriotically. Read it at your own risk.

But the largest question of all in these matters of killing Muslim women and children in patriotic actions of self-defense in lands where we don't the one which cannot be asked in our freest-of-all-free nations. The question which dare not be asked by the Serious.

Why in the world would Muslims in Muslim lands want to harm Israelis or Americans? It just doesn't make any sense, right?



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