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"Defiant" IRS Chief Dares To Answer Questions

By The Reverend Published: June 25, 2014

The division of the IRS allegedly under investigation by D.C.-Theater performers is the Tax Exempt Division. It is the job of that Division to determine which applicants for tax exempt status are eligible for such status, and which are not. What the Tax Exempt Division of the IRS does not do is audit personal tax returns.

I bring that up because in yesterday's Beltway Theater performances many propagandists suggested that missing Lois Lerner e-mails were, somehow, the ironic opposite of what a taxpayer has to go through if audited by the IRA Tax Collection Division. If a taxpayer has his tax return audited, the IRS requires evidence of any disputed deductions or exemptions. The Beltway Performers found that "obvious" irony humorous....the IRS "lost" it's evidence but if taxpayers gave that excuse they would be sent to Gitmo or jailed or some such malarkey.

Point has nothing to do with the other....despite the mockery, ridicule, and basic assholery exhibited by yesterday's Theater Performers.

Let's review. The original "scandal" setup was carried out by Bush appointee and original Reagan hire, Lois Lerner. She conveniently leaked a half truth just ahead of the release of an IRS report dealing with tax exempt applicants. Lerner explained that her office had inappropriately given extra scrutiny to Tea and Patriot 501 (c)(4) applications...and that that was wrong.

Lerner staged the question so she could leak her half-answer....and she was ordered to do so by acting IRS Commissioner Steve Miller.

Now we know that out of some 300 (c)(4) applications given extra scrutiny, less than a third were from conservative groups. Which means that Tea and Patriot groups were not "targeted" by the IRS.

But can that be true when all the Village Kewl Kidz just know it's not?

Rep. Peter Roskam, R-IL: “How come only conservative groups got snagged?”

Outgoing acting IRS commissioner Steve Miller: “They didn’t sir. Organizations of all walks and all persuasions were pulled in. That’s shown by the fact that only 70 of the 300 organizations were tea party organizations, of the ones that were looked at by TIGTA [Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration].”

And yet isn't the "scandal" all about the IRS "targeting Obama's political enemies?" See why I keep asserting there is no IRS scandal? Because....there isn't one.

The Beltway Theater Performers also know there is no IRS scandal....but it's just so much damn fun to playact as if there is......and besides actors gotta why not just go with it? And they have.

But what are the Theater Performers focusing on now? F**king e-mails. Because, see?.....if your IRS Division didn't target one specific political group for extra scrutiny, then there must be a cover-up. Wait, what?

Because there is no IRS scandal....because Lerner's division did NOT "target" conservative political groups......the Beltway Theater Troupe screen writers have created a whole new "scandal." Just because Lerner's division didn't "target" conservative political groups doesn't mean there isn't a cover-up, right? Gotta be. No evidence of course.....but when did that matter? If all the Theater Performers keep saying there is a scandal....who needs evidence, right?

Furthermore......conservative groups were not targeted, neither were liberal groups.....but IF THEY HAD BEEN would that have limited, in any way, a political group's ability to raise monies to advocate for their candidates and policies? It wouldn't have. (c)(4) applicants are not restricted from raising money or doing advocacy work UNTIL they are granted IRS tax exempt status.

I bring that up because the Performers keep saying that Obama and his Team of Political Tyrants at the IRS kept Teas and Patriots from making a difference in the 2012 election by taking too long to process their applications. That is basic winger horseshite. Nothing prevented ANY group from going about fund raising and advocating before being granted official tax exempt status. Anyone who suggests otherwise is lying.

But what about that "defiant" new IRS Commissioner? Quite a few in the Beltway Performance Group just didn't like John Koskinen's "tone" yesterday when he dared to, you know, answer questions about a scandal that never really existed.

Less than a third of (c)(4) applicants given extra-scrutiny by Lerner's office were conservative political groups, proving without a doubt that conservative groups were never "targeted." Yet now, some missing e-mails, crashed hard drives and a "defiant" IRS Commissioner have, somehow, become the new "IRS cover-up scandal." What the smuck is being covered up? No one has a clue....but it just, you know, looks bad.

Truly, I am amazed at the staying power of this completely fabricated IRS scandal. I suppose it is a symptom of how corrupt our corporate media has become and how shameless the behavior of today's elected Republicans.

To this very day, when Republicans or Villagers write or speak of this non-existent scandal they invariably include misleading lines about "targeting conservative political groups."

That never happened.

And there is still no word yet on why the Tea House OverShite Committee and the D.C. Performers won't rectify that....umm...oversight.

Think it might be for political reasons?



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