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Democracy As Auction

By The Reverend Published: April 5, 2013

According to L.A. Times columnist, Doyle McManus, this is supposed to make sense...

Even though an Elon University poll last month found that 93 percent of North Carolina voters favor background checks for almost all gun purchasers, that's not what (Senator Kay) Hagan's (D-NC) hearing from many of her constituents.

93% versus "many." According to the article, the "many" are winning the argument. This makes sense, how?

93% of North Carolinians favor background wait, they don't. Or something. Later, McManus informs readers, "at least 85% of Americans support background checks."

So, why won't universal background checks become law?

"What has happenned to Kay Hagan is the same thing that has happened to other endangered Democrats and the few moderate Republicans who might vote for stronger background checks: They've come face-to-face with the power of the National Rifle Association...."

Americans elect federal representatives to....well....represent their interests in Congress. 90% of voters want stricter background checks for gun purchasers.....a number which has remained constant across all polling....but somehow, the NRA has more clout than 90% of voters. Why is that the case?

The NRA, along with many other corporate groups and associations, OWN the United States Congress, the presidency and the Supreme Court. This is the case because those organizations provide the campaign cash needed to win election and re-election. In this particular case, the NRA has promised to fund opponents in primaries to defeat any congressperson who votes with the 90% of the people who agree on stricter background checks. Call it extortion, or blackmail, pay-to-play...or whatever.....just don't call it democracy.

I think the gun "debate" (what a joke) allows for Americans paying attention to grasp why it is that the United States is in decline and will most likely remain so. The will of the people cannot be pursued if it's in our elected representatives interest to deny that will.

How can it even be possible for stricter background checks on gun purchasers to fail when nine out of ten Americans are in favor? MONEY. We have the best democratic republic money can buy....and there is no more transparently clear example of that than 90% of Americans being overruled by a ton of money and threats from corporate gun maker lackeys like the NRA.

Could there be any more stark example of why our federal campaign-finance system needs reformed? Basically a fringy gun-terrorist organization, the NRA, touting some 3-4 million members (a majority of whom support background checks) has more campaign-cash-threatening power than 90% of voting Americans.

The answer to this oligarchial control of our democracy is to take the bribe out of bribery. Campaign finance reform is the nation's most urgent need. Whether it is tax reform, Bankster reform, clean energy intiatives, climate change, health care reform, ....or sensible gun regulations that 90% of the nation supports.....the will of the people on these issues is being, or has been, overruled by the few corporate representatives carrying the big bags of campaign cash.

Columnist McManus, a true centrist Villager who hates both "extremes", and alone stands in the Goldilocks middle.....predictably, blames both "sides" of the background check argument....

"If the NRA succeeds in blocking background checks that are supported by at least 85% of Americans, shame on it. But shame on the measure's supporters too.....for failing to beat the NRA at its own game: making legislators fear the consequences if they vote the wrong way."

One might conclude that when 90% of voters agree on an issue that that, alone, would "make legislators fear the consequences if they vote the wrong way." But no....not to Very Serious People like McManus. You see, the 90% should have collected bigger bags of money than the gun-terrorist organization, the NRA. The 90% should have collected all that money, like the NRA does from gun manufacturers and sellers, and then threatened any elected official who dared to vote with the 10%. And shame on them for not doing so.

In other words...democracy is all about who has the highest bid at the auction.



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