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Democrat Socialist Party

By The Reverend Published: May 14, 2009

Jebby Bush, Willard Romney and Eric "Can Do" Cantor sat around answering questions of constituents the other weekend explaining how they were "listening" to the American people, to their GOP constituents, as they strategized a plan of comeback for the party which only 21% of Americans now identify with.

That intention was quickly flushed down the commode when Mr. Limbaugh chastised those within the GOP who say they need to "listen." "Can Do" Cantor quickly corrected himself in an ugly self-loathing, "I am Rush's bitch", kind of moment.

The alternative to listening? Childishly renaming the opposition party. Out of touch doesn't even come close here. If the GOP were a would be currently rolling over and over in the middle of the highway, and headed directly into a gasoline tanker.

The "Democrat Socialist Party." Yes sir. That will most certainly lift those 21% identification numbers.

Watch this 7 minute piece from yesterday's Hardball on MSNBC. Listen carefully to Lawrence O'Donnell take apart the utter silliness about socialism and America...

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We are all socialists and have been for 60 years.
O'Donnell asks Buchanan why he, when running for president, didn't campaign on ending Social Security and Medicare....if he believed so strongly that socialism was evil. Buchanan's response was mentioning Goldwater's unpopularity when he advocated for just such a change.

O'Donnell's comeback...
"You just can't say what you really mean, then, when you run from the right wing...can you?"

The GOP must change their ideas. Their ideas are not popular with Americans. That's why Republican candidates can't "say what they really mean". The GOP's ideas have been played out live during the Bush era and they have been thoroughly rejected.

Officially renaming the Democratic Party the Democrat Socialist Party is simply more stupidity in a long line of really stupid stuff. The GOP is in denial about their policy ideas and principles. America is not a center-right nation and does not subscribe to the failed and bankrupt ideas Republicans cling to.

As O'Donnell rightly mocks, the Tea Party protests and Democrat Socialist Party renaming nonsense.

We've all been socialists for a very long time.



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