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Dems Message To Women: Don't Enjoy The Sex

By The Reverend Published: November 8, 2009

Back in August I wrote about the totally dishonest attempt by congressional representatives to discriminate against reproductive-age women by singling out the medical procedure of abortion as the only medical procedure banned from any "health exchange" insurance policies coming out of the Obama-led health care reform legislation.

Last night, the following House Democrats joined with GOP women's-rights bashers voting to forbid abortion coverage, and abortion coverage only, from all federally subsidized health insurance policies.....

OH-1,... Driehaus, Steve; OH-6,.... Wilson, Charles; OH-9,... Kaptur, Marcy; OH-16,... Boccieri, John; OH-17,.... Ryan, Timothy;.... OH-18 Space, Zachary.

Before last night's vote took place, Digby had this to say...

I suspect that the leadership decided that abortion was the least important thing they could throw to the slavering Blue Dogs to take home as a victory over the liberals in this debate. And they had to find a hippie to punch to make the thing acceptable to the villagers, so they decided to punch the desperate pregnant girl. She's used to it.

Since the Republicans have made themselves irrelevant with their obstructionism the Democrats have decided that in order to further the president's edict to change the tone and further bipartisanship they will just have to compromise with themselves.
Democrats everywhere will now be able to brag about furthering the Godly cause of forced pregnancy, while having also voted to pass health care.


Last night's House vote approving health care reform legislation passed by 220-215...just barely. And that was after a woman's legal right to a medical abortion was isolated as the only medical procedure unworthy of coverage by a subsidized national health care plan.

Those, you know, hyper-liberal Democrats in the House, approved by a 240-194 margin, Bart Stupak's (D-MI) amendment, which will....

".....explicitly bar the public plan from covering the procedure. The amendment, approved 240 to 194, with 64 Democrats in favor, also would prohibit people who received insurance subsidies from purchasing private plans that covered abortion."

But wait...there's more.....

"The amendment would bar the new government insurance plan from covering abortions, except in cases of rape, incest, or where the life of the mother is in danger. The Democrats' original legislation would have allowed the government plan to cover abortions, if the Health and Human Services secretary decided it should."

See?....If a female was forced against her will to have sex, or was dominated to have sex by a family member,.....then government money will be permitted to be used to cover an abortion, should that female become pregnant. Or if the female might die as a result of pregnancy. But, by god, if the female consented to the sex, you know, enjoyed it....then, no way can tax dollars subsidizing health care exchanges be used to pay for an abortion.

This is as clear a case of anti-female, anti-sex, discrimination as we've seen since the dreadful Hyde Amendment.

The American forced pregnancy lobby now has a clear path forward. Having successfully restricted government subsidy money from paying for health insurance which includes specific medical procedures for women...and only those seems obvious that a new floodgate of hateful discrimination will follow.

If it's the case that tax dollars cannot go to pay for health care insurance, either public or private, unless the American woman impregnated did not enjoy the sex....then wouldn't it also follow that any tax dollars....ANY TAX DOLLARS....could not be used to pay for an abortion, or health insurance which included coverage for abortion?

Wouldn't that mean that all federal employees, and independent contractors working for the federal government, could not pay for an abortion with their tax-payer-paid wages? Still tax dollars..right?Furthermore....wouldn't it also follow that all federal employees and independent contractors, you know, whose wages are paid with tax dollars, would also be prohibited from spending those tax-payer-paid wages on health insurance which included coverage for abortions?

Shouldn't a woman who got pregnant, and, you know, enjoyed the sex....who also happened to work for the federal government...and who wanted to exercise her legal right to choose.....shouldn't she have to document where the money will come from to pay for an abortion? Her wages come from the federal government.....that means that she only receives tax dollars....and as we now see, tax dollars CAN NEVER be used to pay for abortion AND tax dollars can never be used to pay for health insurance that includes abortion procedures (unless the sex was forced.)

Finally, as long as the Stupak amendment voters are being ridiculous....why not go all the way? Cash money is printed by the federal government and is processed by banks regulated by that same federal government. Since the federal government cannot, in any way, be involved in any aspect of payment for an abortion or insurance that might cover abortion.....doesn't the blindingly stupid Stupak amendment set the precedent that abortion can no longer be paid all (unless the sex was forced)?

Perhaps women who wish to exercise their legal right in America will have to resort to bartering with their reproductive doctors,....perhaps baked-goods, or seamstress order to pay for their right to choose.

That's know....they enjoyed the sex.



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