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Details? No Thanks

By The Reverend Published: August 18, 2012

I think this blurb from a Politico interview of Romney campaign people is revealing....

Advisers say the campaign has no plans to pivot from its previous view that diving into details during a general-election race would be suicidal.

The Romney strategy is simple: Hammer away at Obama for proposing cuts to Medicare and promise, in vague, aspirational ways, to protect the program for future retirees — but don’t get pulled into a public discussion of the most unpopular parts of the Ryan plan.

“The nature of running a presidential campaign is that you’re communicating direction to the American people,” a Romney adviser said. “Campaigns that are about specifics, particularly in today’s environment, get tripped up.”

No specifics will be forthcoming from the R&R campaign. Specifics "trip up" up a presidential campaign. In fact, to hear the RomRyanites, giving out details about how your tax cuts for billionaires would be "revenue neutral"....sharing information with voters, you know, specific information not just generalities, about how your plan to remake Medicare would actually work.....would be "suicidal."

So, as Greg Sargent points out....R&R are going to run a "trust us" campaign. Don't worry about any pesky details, we'll take care of those later, just trust us.

I chuckled when I read this line...

But aides believe there is a way for Romney and Ryan to present a vision of fiscal discipline so starkly different than Obama’s as to provide voters a clear choice, even without all the details.

Providing clear choices to voters without offering detailed distinctions. The choices will be clear, just without all those bothersome details which make it possible for voters to make...ummm... clear choices. In other words....R&R are going to bury voters under an avalanche of bullpucky. That is the Romney campaign's explicit strategy. The campaign of no details.....too risky, suicidal even,....will trip the campaign up.

These two guys want to run one of the three branches of government in the richest and most powerful nation in all of earth's history......but sorry, no details, no specifics about what we have planned for ya' all...just trust us.

Trust us, say Romney and Ryan, because....well....Mitt pays tithe to the Mormon cult, or something....and has lots of grandchildren. And Ryan can be trusted, you know, without offering details because....well....he's got those killer abs...and....darn it, just because.

And so far, the R&R duo is doing just as they said they would do. Offering little-to-no details on how more tax revenues are created by cutting them for the top 1% of earners. Or how cutting taxes for billionaires, while simultaneously slashing government spending on the safety net for the poors......will change one goddamn thing concerning our low-demand-equation jobs recession.....sorry, no details will be forthcoming. Might get tripped up if details are offered.....might even commit political suicide if details are offered.

This is what it's come to in "free" America. One half of a general election ticket refuses to offer details on how more supply-side economic policies will bring us back from the historic recession that supply-side economics put us in. Think about it.

R&R refuse to offer up "suicidal" details because those details would pull the curtain back on the GOP OZ of Supply Side Randian Austerity. An authoritarian, and yes, detailed, plan to take from the have couponizing Medicare, raising the age of eligibility, and making seniors pay $6000 more per year for radically gutting food stamps, unemployment, Medicaid and other safety net services to the poor and vulnerable.....all in order to give more to the haves.

You see, the details can't be shared with potential voters because the details will disgust, shock and alarm them. Details from R&R can't be offered up because if they were, potential voters wouldn't believe that any U.S. presidential candidates could be so cruel and void of basic human compassion.

But you can trust them......because Mitt pays tithe, and at least a 13% tax rate on his yearly double digit millions (confirmation?...sorry...unavailable). You can trust them because out every day.

But please......don't ask for any details, just trust us. We insist.




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