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Did News Corp. Obstruct Justice To Protect Rudy?

By The Reverend Published: November 14, 2007


Here's an excerpt from Judith Regan's lawsuit filed yesterday against News Corp.....

"It is now widely accepted that one of Giuliani's major political vulnerabilities is his association with Bernard Kerik, the former NYC Police Commissioner and member of Giuliani Partners who was recently indicted on federal charges of tax fraud and corruption. Defendents were well aware that Regan had a personal relationship with Kerik. In fact, a senior executive in the News Corp. organization told Regan that he believed she had information about Kerik that, if disclosed, would harm Giuliani's presidential campaign. This executive advised Regan to lie to, and to withhold information from, investigators concerning Kerik. Indeed, another news Corp. executive similarly advised Regan not to produce clearly relevant documents in connection with the government's investigation of kerik. Thus because of the damaging information that defendents believed Regan possessed, defendants knew they would be protecting Giuliani if they could preemptively discredit her." Link

Everyone that knows anything knows that FOX News is the Republican Party's official teevee channel....but who could have guessed that FOX's parent corporation would be willing to obstruct justice and tamper with a criminal investigation in order to protect Rudy Giuliani, the leading GOP presidential candidate?

This could be a huge story with serious implications for Rudy, as well as News Corp.

Could be fun too.....Regan said she has audio tapes. Oh my.



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