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Did U.S. Conservatives Cause The Benghazi Killings?

By The Reverend Published: May 11, 2014

Fiscally responsible, limited government Republicans in Congress have pissed away millions of taxpayer dollars hunting witches in the ATF, IRS and State Department. No witches have been found.

But just because no witches have been found doesn't mean to fiscal-hawk Republicans that there aren't any witches......instead, it means that the witch hunters must spend even more millions of tax payer dollars to expand the hunt. After all, these guys might be witch hunters, but they're, by god, fiscally responsible witch hunters.

As House Democrats mull over the question of whether or not to participate in the expanded hunt for Democratic is my advice: House Democrats should participate and structure all of their questioning of witnesses around the COST of the GOP witch hunting. Example: How much additional consulate security could be purchased with the tax dollars Republicans have wasted hunting ghosts? And like that.

From the beginning, the Benghazi event and the GOP's response have had a surreal quality to them. It's the same quality that was in the atmosphere during the run-up to attacking the sovereign, non-threatening nation of Iraq circa 2002-2003. We now know that Americans were misled by the last administration over Saddam being a threat to the U.S. Perhaps, Republicans are also misleading Americans over the Benghazi event. Perhaps.

Professor Juan Cole has an excellent article up on Truthdig entitled "Top 10 reasons GOP Benghazi witch hunt is just a campaign fundraising ploy."

Cole's number 3 "reason" is quite provocative. "What the House should really investigate is who really funded and encouraged the production of that get-up ‘film’ attacking Islam, “The Innocence of Muslims.”"

Cole suggests that the immediate over-the-top, almost-crazed reaction to the Benghazi event.....may indicate that there was something a bit more sinister at work....

The makers of the film, including a far right wing American militia figure, sent it determinedly to Egyptian hard line Salafi Muslims until part of it was finally shown on a Salafi television channel. They were clearly trying as hard as they could to provoke attacks on US facilities. Isn’t this a sort of terrorism in itself? Was it a Republican Party black money group hoping to provoke a diplomatic hostage crisis that would damage President Obama’s chances of reelection?

Who is actually responsible for the production, and more importantly, the timed-release on Muslim media, of this anti-Muslim video? And why? Why aren't Republican fiscal hawks investigating the anti-Muslim video?

Juan Cole again....

Why are GOP leaders so determined to deny that the film helped provoke the Benghazi attack? Are they afraid that sooner or later a link between GOP funders and the film will emerge, and they want to hold themselves harmless?

Those two questions are spot on. Republican reaction to Benghazi has been jaw-droppingly insane. Further, that insanity finds it's nucleus in denying the anti-Muslim video played any role in the violence. The initial verbal assault by Republicans on Susan Rice after her Sunday Show appearances in 2012 almost exclusively focused on how Rice lied about whether the video played a role in the violence. Why was that the case?

Could the immediate, over-the-top Republican reaction loudly denying that the video played any role be a clue suggesting that the video was the one part of the Benghazi event Republicans didn't want investigated or even examined? And why would that be the case?

It's not like the GOP hasn't participated in treasonous lawlessness before in their quest for political power. Both GOP presidential candidates, Richard Nixon in 1968, and Ronald Reagan in 1980.....staged underhanded foreign policy actions of trickery to help them win the presidency. Nixon monkey wrenched peace negotiations in Vietnam before being elected president......Reagan worked underhandedly and secretively to delay the release of U.S. hostages held by Iran until after he won the election. Those hostages were released the day Reagan was inaugurated.

There is no doubt in my mind that conservative players, hoping to game the 2012 election in Mitt Romney's direction, could have schemed to produce the anti-Muslim video, release it over middle eastern media outlets shortly before 9-11, and then lay the blame for anything bad that happened as a result of that the feet of a "weak" Democratic president less than 6 weeks before a general election.

As many readers know, today's Republicans have a serious problem with projection. What Republicans accuse their political enemies of....are the very things Republicans, themselves, are guilty of doing.

And so I ask readers to consider: Is the embarrassing GOP craziness we've witnessed for 18 months over the tragic deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi one huge act of Republican projection? Did agents serving Republican electoral interests conspire to produce a hack anti-Muslim video in order to create a blowback act of terror just in time for 9-11.....for the sole purpose of doing political damage to Obama prior to a hotly contested presidential election?

In other words, are American conservatives responsible for instigating the violence which killed 4 Americans in northeastern Libya almost 2 years ago?

Me thinks when it comes to Benghazi, Republicans protesteth a bit too much.



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