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Did Ukrainian Military Shoot Down Malaysian Airliner?

By The Reverend Published: August 4, 2014

Just about over....

Israeli media, on the 27th day of the fighting, reported that most Israeli troops had pulled out of Gaza, and Reuters TV footage showed a column of Israeli tanks and dozens of infantrymen leaving the enclave.

The Palestinian death toll is close to 1800, primarily civilians. 64 Israeli soldiers have died along with 3 Israeli civilians. Somewhere between 8000 and 9000 Palestinians have been injured or wounded, nearly half a million Palestinians have been displaced out of a total population of approximately 1.7 million. Property damage is off the charts.

Hamas will claim victory by pointing to the five dozen Israeli soldiers they killed....and Israel will claim victory by pointing to the "terror tunnels" they have destroyed.



I've noticed over the last week or so how American media has fully embraced U.S. government propaganda over the shootdown of the Malaysian airliner. It is a given now that Russians or pro-Russian eastern Ukrainians shot down the airliner.....either accidentally or on purpose.

U.S. officials claim they have satellite-imagery proof that Russians supplied the BUK launcher and that pro-Russian "rebels", trained by Russians, fired the missile that took down the airliner. If that is true.....then the best way to clear the air is for U.S. officials to make all that proof available to the public. As of yet, that has not happened. It is important to ask yourself why that would be the case.

L.A. Times, July 23rd.....

U.S. intelligence agencies have so far been unable to determine the nationalities or identities of the crew that launched the missile. U.S. officials said it was possible the SA-11 was launched by a defector from the Ukrainian military who was trained to use similar missile systems.

Now think, why would U.S. officials think it was possible that a defector from the Ukrainian military was responsible for launching the missile that downed the airliner?

Robert Perry, Consortium News....

That reference to a possible “defector” may have been an attempt to reconcile the U.S. government’s narrative with the still-unreleased satellite imagery of the missile battery controlled by soldiers appearing to wear Ukrainian uniforms. But I’m now told that U.S. intelligence analysts have largely dismissed the “defector” possibility and are concentrating on the scenario of a willful Ukrainian shoot-down of the plane, albeit possibly not knowing its actual identity.

You see, before any evidence was forthcoming, U.S. officials had already determined that the story would be that pro-Russian Ukrainian rebels had shot down the commercial airliner. And so when satellite imagery showed a guy manning the BUK system wearing a Ukrainian military uniform, the only way that fact could be reconciled with the official pre-determined storyline was if that guy was a "defector."

The "defector" theory may fit the pre-determined storyline of U.S. officials.....but, obviously, the Ukrainian-military-uniform wearer could just as easily have been a Ukrainian military member. But if the perpetrator of the shootdown was a Ukrainian military member, then, the U.S. pre-determined storyline would fall apart. Thus, the "defector" theory.

I recommend the website you are interested in, let's say, more critical reporting on the Malaysian airliner tragedy.

The one lesson that we all should have learned from the Iraq crime is that claims by "U.S. officials" can not be trusted. Our own U.S. military spends millions every year propagandizing Americans. So, it should not come as a surprise that U.S. officials would be misleading Americans about the airliner shootdown.

We have been told that the U.S. government doesn't torture. We have been told that drone strikes don't kill civilians. We have been told that our government doesn't eavesdrop on Americans. We were told that Saddam "without doubt" had WMD.

All of those claims were lies. And none of those lies were by accident.

The warning by Dwight Eisenhower so long ago about the danger inherent in a runaway military-industrial complex has gone unheeded. Now, that complex controls our country.

Some have suggested that President Obama's inexplicable defense of CIA torturers and CIA Directors last week may be because Obama is deathly afraid of what might happen to him or his family should he buck the complex, tell the truth, and do the right thing. After all, it is now known that a few CIA officials were involved with JFK's, the threat is real. Google: David Atlee Phillips.

The question the U.S. military complex goes about rearranging foreign countries in a way that's more favorable to U.S. corporate interests while telling U.S. audiences they are spreading freedom and keeping us safe, all while lying through their the United States of America really a democracy anymore, or is our nation better described as a fascist, military-controlled country?



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