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Disarray Over DREAM

By The Reverend Published: June 20, 2012

64% of the American public agree with President Obama's decision to "grant deferred action status and provide work permits on a temporary basis for DREAM-eligible students who came to America before the age of 16." 30% of those polled disagreed with Obama's decision.....but, more importantly 4 months away from a general election, independent voters approved of Obama's decision by a 2-1 margin. Republicans were against Obama's decision by 56%.

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos called it “the best news for immigrants in this country since 1986″ (when Reagan invoked a general amnesty).

Yes, the Shrine to the Perpetual Ronald may not feature his decision while president to grant amnesty to undocumenteds,.....but....alas....sigh,.....when Reagan was confronted with his era's immigration "problem", he chose amnesty.

Today, advocating for amnesty on the right is strictly taboo. The amnesty screechers of 2005.....those on the right who railed against GOP President Bush's comprehensive immigration plan until it was dropped entirely......considered themselves at the time as the only true patriots left worthy of defending law and order, and by god, .....those undocumenteds were lawbreakers who should be driven back to their birth countries. Until all undocumenteds were shipped out of the reform could even be considered.

My point here is that Republicans had their chance to deal righteously over immigration. Instead of alienating yet another demographic group, Republicans and conservatives could have led out in favor of the DREAM Act and been more willing to work with Democrats on comprehensive immigration.

But Republicans chose not to do that.

And now they will pay, politically, for their choices.

This is a primary example of how the self-radicalized conservatives on the right are destroying the Republican Party. GOP presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, has no idea how to respond to President Obama's latest announcement. If Mitt criticizes Obama's just, popular and fair decision, then Latino voters will be turned off. If Mitt praises Obama's decision, he risks alienating his own arch-conservative base.

And so, Romney criticizes Obama over the process....

"It could be reversed by subsequent presidents,” Romney said. “I would like to see legislation that deals with this issue......We have to find a long-term solution. But the president’s action makes reaching a long-term solution more difficult. If I’m president, we’ll do our very best to have that kind of long-term solution that provides certainty and clarity for the people who come into this country through no fault of their own by virtue of an act of their parents. Thank you.”

George W. Bush tried having "that kind of long term solution" discussion in 2005. He was shouted down for doing so.

Conservatives are in disarray over Obama's DREAM decision. Last night on Mark Levin's Fox radio show, the Great One was railing on William Kristol, hardly a progressive, for his favorable comments about Obama's decision to no longer arrest the grown children of undocumenteds, who were brought to the U.S. while minor children. Levin blasted Kristol .....which is evidence that the right is not reading from the same playbook on immigration. Conservative "messaging" on this topic is atypically diverse....and at times, contradictory.

Caught in between the DREAM rock and the TEA House hard place, Speaker Boehner was just glad his head didn't spin around involuntarily yesterday when he offered this up....

House Speaker John Boehner criticized the Obama administration’s immigration directive on familiar process-related grounds — having apparently forgotten that he’d quashed nearly all hope of getting the DREAM Act through Congress this year.

“It puts everyone in a difficult position,” Boehner complained at a press availability Tuesday, arguing that the administration’s unilateral move made reaching a bipartisan legislative solution more difficult.

But weeks ago, Boehner admitted that enacting DREAM-like legislation to provide legal status to certain unauthorized immigrants brought to the United States as children would be nearly impossible in this Congress.

No, puts YOU in a "difficult position." Obama's decision makes "reaching a bipartisan legislative solution more difficult"....but a bipartisan solution along the lines of Obama's prosecutorial discretion decision, said Boehner,..."would be nearly impossible in this Congress."

Barack Obama is a brilliant political strategist. Better than Bill Clinton. And far better than anything the minor-league Republicans have to offer. With this DREAM decision, Obama has torn off the scab on the right over immigration reform.....exposing the gory ugliness that is made up of a mixture of racism, bigotry, fear of change and the gnawing fact that Latino-Americans are projected to become the majority demographic in the U.S. by 2050.

Even the very worst president this country has ever endured, George W. Bush, had enough sense to know that a political party cannot alienate the majority demographic group of voters-of-the-future....and still remain relevant and competitive. Cutting off your nose to spite your face might be temporarily rewarding but in the long run, it only makes the face uglier.


U.S. President Barack Obama gained more support among Hispanic voters in key swing states with large Latino population, following his recent policy shift to stop deporting certain illegal young immigrants, said a new poll released on Monday.




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