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Disgraceful BBC

By The Reverend Published: January 27, 2009

This is truly disgusting.

In more than 80 years as a publicly financed broadcaster with an audience of millions at home and around the world, the BBC has rarely been buffeted as severely as it has in recent days over its decision not to broadcast a television appeal by aid agencies for victims of Israel’s recent military actions in Gaza.

Was the "appeal" controversial? Was the "appeal" full of secret decoder ring nuances signaling the Islamofascists to strike?

The three-minute video, which was shown on several other channels in Britain on Monday night, was prepared by the Disasters Emergency Committee, an organization representing 11 relief agencies. Among them are many of Britain’s best-known charities, including the Red Cross, Oxfam, Save the Children, Help the Aged, Christian Aid and World Vision.

The committee has said the money it raises will buy food, medical supplies, tents, blankets and other necessities for those suffering in Gaza in the wake of the Israeli offensive and the military actions of Hamas, the militant Palestinian group that governs Gaza. Link

Seriously now....The Reverend is a peaceful person....but I would like to kick some BBC ass over this detestable action. Just think about the pressure the BBC must be under by Israeli influences for them to refuse to air a 3 MINUTE RELIEF APPEAL.

Israel planned their slaughter in Gaza for a year. Included in their plan were steps to co-opt media organizations. Journalists were not permitted into Gaza until after Israel's military left. No journalists were allowed in before Israel stopped it's vicious attacks, attacks which left over 1300 Palestinians dead, hundreds of them women and children.

While the Gazan cleansing was underway, Israel kept the borders sealed, only permitting humanitarian aid in when they said so. Gaza is in shambles now. Already ghettoized Gazans have seen their conditions deteriorate, life's necessities threatened.

But the f*cking BBC, the spineless, immoral f*cks that they are, threw out a few weasel words to justify their unjustifiable action....

But the BBC’s director general, Mark Thompson, denied Monday to reporters that he had been subjected to “arm-twisting” by pro-Israeli groups and said that the corporation had a duty to cover the Gaza dispute in a “balanced, objective way.”

“Of course, everyone is struck by the human consequence of what has happened,” he said. “And we will, I promise you, continue to report that as fully and compassionately as we can. But we are going to do that in a way where we can hold it up to scrutiny. It’s our job as journalists.”

You see, in today's world, airing a 3 f*cking minute long appeal for charitable donations for ghettoized Palestinians crushed by brutal Israeli military attacks wouldn't be "objective".

But the BBC has aired humanitarian appeals before.....

The BBC does not accept advertising but has shown humanitarian appeals on other issues, including the conflicts in Rwanda, Congo and Darfur.

The BBC has permitted advertising like this numerous times what's the difference now?

But to broadcast the appeal for aid to Gaza, BBC executives said, might compromise the impartiality of its Middle East coverage.

“We worry about being seen to endorse something which could give people the impression that we were backing one side,” Mr. Thompson said on the BBC’s Web site.

To recognize the suffering of Gazans, to recognize the suffering of Gazans caused by the Israeli military using American weaponry, to even see pictures of what Israel's highly sophisticated killing machine did to a defenseless, cornered group of 1.4 million Palestinians.....
would be seen as "backing one side".

Jesus, where are the bolts of lightning when you really need them?

P.S. Wanna know who else refused to air the humanitarian appeal?

The BBC was joined in its refusal to carry the appeal by Sky News, an independent broadcaster with a widely watched news channel.

One third of Sky News' is owned by....wait for it....Rupert Murdoch of Fox News fame. Fair and f*cking balanced propaganda.



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