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Disgustingly Rich

By The Reverend Published: October 20, 2013

I chuckle every time I hear it. And I hear it a lot now.

Fresh off an overdue and well deserved national beat down in the latest national hostage taking crisis, many usual-suspect conservatives promptly looked to change the subject. By next week, the face-smashing defeat delivered to the GOP by the dreaded Obama in the debt ceiling crisis will have never happened. Similar to George W. Bush's presidency.

Odd, that.....but oh-so-predictable. Today's conservative leaders are like Charlie Sheen....when they make fools of themselves in front of a national audience, they think they can erase what made them look like fools by shouting..."winning."

So, it's on to 24-7 bashing of the Obamacare exchange "failures". Didn't see that one coming.....zzzzz. What's so disgustingly rich here is, like always, the actual facts of the matter.

Twenty six states, including Ohio, refused to set up their own state health insurance exchanges. Every one of those states either has a GOP governor or overwhelmingly GOP legislatures, or both. In the GOP's early conspiracy plans to make Obamacare fail, GOP state leaders decided to obstruct the implementation of the insurance exchange part of the law.

These state leaders regularly denounce big gub'mint, yet with the exchanges they opted for big gub'mint to do their work for them. They all but invited big gub'mint to become their state.....what's the word?....nanny. Independent boot-strappers, they are.

Seventeen states, blue states, rejected the nanny option and boot-strapped their own exchanges....and in those states, say, like California.....the rollout of the exchanges has been relatively successful with fewer problems.

If a person had a conspiratorial bent, he or she might think Republican state leaders avoided doing their own boot-strapping, exchange building work...on purpose. But why would a hyper-patriotic, states rights worshiping, rugged individualist, daddy party refuse to put their man-pants on and do their own work...instead of asking their Uncle Sam to provide a free handout?

To monkey-wrench the rollout.

The one thing the White House did not anticipate was the unexplainable stubbornness by red states to take control of their own state's insurance exchanges. The White House made the mistake of taking the word of boot-strapping, individualist red state leaders about Republicans being self-starters who avoid the "welfare" from Daddy Sam like the plague. Obama had calculated that red state governors and legislatures, those who believe daddy gub'mint is the problem, not the solution.....would surely not invite Big Daddy into their state's business.

Obviously, that was a miscalculation.

With Big Daddy doing their work for them, red state leaders could help to obstruct, or sabotage, the implementation....and then sit on their self-satisfied fence of dependency throwing rocks at the "trainwreck" they refused to lift a finger to avoid. Deadbeats, comes to minds. Also too....takers.

They say they are standing on principle. I guess one could call effing-up the rollout of a national law to assist the uninsured obtain health insurance.....standing on principle. If the principle one was standing on was 'hey, you poors are on your own.' In reality, what they are doing is sitting on their hands, refusing to work when there is much work to do.

And that, from the boot-strapper party, is just so disgustingly rich. This lazy, entitled mentality will do harm to their own state's citizens.....but, apparently, these Republicans do not care.

Because in the's talk-tough, rugged individualists only care about one thing and one thing only....regaining national power for the purpose of crippling domestic safety net programs and redistributing the "savings" to the 1% who own the GOP.

If they have to become deadbeat parasite states feeding off the host of Uncle Sam's work...then so be it. Just as long as they can mock and ridicule any and all shortcomings of a program roll-out they sat idly by and watched others build for them.




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