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Do The Hip-Shoot Baby

By The Reverend Published: October 2, 2008

The song is on the Stones' "Exile on Main Street" album. "Hip Shake". It's a great number. "Shake those hips, baby." Good times. Greatest of all Stones' albums.

The Arizona Senator, John McCain, aka Maverick Man, has his own version of the Stones number. McCain's version is called, "Hip Shoot". During McCain's general election campaign we've all been listening to McCain's favorite lyric in his slightly modified version of the original...."Shoot from the hip, baby."

Beginning with the choice and announcement of Sarah Palin as his running mate the morning after Barack Obama spoke in front of 70,000 people, traveling through the "suspended" first day of the Republican National Convention because of a heavy rainstorm in Louisiana, moving along to villification of the press before the press could ask any questions of Sarah Palin, lurching forward on a bizarre 10 day lying streak and, subsequently, called out for it, crashing with yet another "suspension" of his campaign for an emergency over economic issues, (about which McCain knows very little) a final burnout in taking credit for something that didn't happen....John McCain has been nothing, if he hasn't been a hip-shooter.

John McCain has proven, by his campaign, that the type of leadership he would bring to the office of the presidency would be risky, impulsive, frenetic, and illogical. McCain's preferred game of chance is craps. The Maverick loves to roll those ivories. It is no accident then, that his presidential campaign resembles a constant crap game.

Obviously, John McCain decided early on to shoot from the hip, impulsively, recklessly, in his contest against Obama. The pattern is transparently clear now. Shoot from the hip, rationalize doing so, point to the hip shot as evidence of leadership....and then rinse, lather and repeat. Hip-shooting does keep every observer on the edge of their seats...not knowing when the next Maverick swivel-holster action will happen. However, what hip-shooting reveals, and especially during a presidential campaign, is that the shooter, in this case McCain, disrespects the intelligence of the American people.

Somehow, McCain either believes, or has been led to believe, that 'creating reality' by hip-shooting will fool voters into accepting him as a true Maverick Man Leader. Instead, as his dropping poll numbers suggest, all hip-shooting does is create suspicion in voters minds that McCain is reckless, dangerous and irrationally scattered.

McCain disqualifies himself by assuming that Americans are so stupid and clueless that they won't be able to see through his tissue-paper thin justifications for hip-shooting. McCain, accused of being out of touch with average Americans, must think American voters are all incurious box of he was back in his 5th-from-the-bottom-of-the-class Naval Academy days.

This morning's poll numbers suggest McCain has misjudged America's voters.

Watch and listen to McCain answering questions with Des Moines Register folks. These clips show who McCain really is....when he's not hip-shoot gambling. Seriously....McCain looks and sounds like he wants to break the questioner's neck. These videos suggest that McCain is a cynically angry old man who has no time for those who might ask him hard questions. These videos tell us what a McCain administration would look like....and it ain't pretty.

See the entire interview here.



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