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Does Constitution Still Apply Outside U.S.?

By The Reverend Published: March 16, 2013

Charles Krauthammer of WaPo and Fox News fame is an intelligent person. Bitter, but intelligent. He is also an aggressive spokesperson for U.S. Empire expansion, led Fox's armchair warriors, and millions of American viewers, into the national crime of Iraq....and has been a leading proponent of starting a hot war with Iran. Charles Krauthammer is a neo-conservative's, neo-conservative.

As such, Charles was upset recently by Senator Rand Paul's filibuster over presidential assassination powers. To Krauthammer, starting wars with countries we don't like is the best evidence of our nation's ongoing superiority and dominance. Krauthammer rejects Rand Paul as an "isolationist" on foreign policy....standing firmly in favor of the McCain/Huckleberry/Joementum-led GOP majority on foreign adventurism and Empire expansion. Motto: we're all neo-cons now. or should be.

Krauthammer may be an intelligent guy.....perhaps like Ted Cruz is an intelligent guy....but the Fox-fixture is, also like Cruz, duplicitous. Charles lies. He does it carefully, and strategically, like David Brooks and George Will.....but he lies. From his column attempting to smear Rand Paul, Charles writes this.....

Outside American soil, the Constitution does not rule, no matter how much Paul would like it to.

To that lie, Glenn Greenwald responds...

In 1957, the US Supreme Court decided the case of Reid v. Covert in which this exact question was conclusively decided: does the Bill of Rights restrict what the US Government does to US citizens on foreign soil? The Court answered the question as decisively and unambiguously as the English language permits (emphasis added):

"At the beginning, we reject the idea that, when the United States acts against citizens abroad, it can do so free of the Bill of Rights. The United States is entirely a creature of the Constitution. Its power and authority have no other source. It can only act in accordance with all the limitations imposed by the Constitution. When the Government reaches out to punish a citizen who is abroad, the shield which the Bill of Rights and other parts of the Constitution provide to protect his life and liberty should not be stripped away just because he happens to be in another land."

Krauthammer lies to readers because he defends the unitary executive theory of the presidency.....actually Richard Nixon's theory..."if the president does it, it isn't illegal." In the case of the U.S. citizen, Abdul Awlaki, who Obama ordered killed by drone in Yemen and without any due process...Krauthammer's entirely false assertion, "outside American soil, the Constitution does not rule, no matter how much Paul would like it to", is but an educated winger shouting "USA, USA." If Krauthammer is intelligent....and he is....then he knew before he wrote his column that, on the contrary, for U.S. citizens in foreign countries, the U.S. Constitution still rules.

In a nutshell, what Krauthammer lies about in his column is what the neo-cons and related U.S. warmongers have been pushing since the Towers fell. What Krauthammer deceptively advocates for reminds me of George W. Bush's response in private after being told he couldn't, as president, willfully and openly violate the Constitution...."it's a goddamn piece of paper."

Sadly, on this 10 year anniversary month of the start of America's international crime against Iraq.....our nation's most egregious act of terror against a non-threatening nation....the idea that the Constitution is but "a goddamn piece of paper" has now been embraced by more and more political leaders on both sides.

The entire world now is a "battlefield." Any human being anywhere in the world, including inside the U.S., can now be designated an "enemy combatant" and targeted for assassination by one man, the POTUS. If captured instead of simply assassinated, one person, the POTUS, has the right to "indefinitely detain" that due process, no charges....nothing.

Although none of those now-accepted norms are is the job of people like Charles Krauthammer to deceive readers into believing that they are constitutional.

Don't believe the lies.



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