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Don't Ask.....Don't Care

By The Reverend Published: December 10, 2010

After Bob Gates and Admiral Mullen testified so powerfully a few days ago in favor of the military ending it's discriminatory policy of Don't Ask, Don't Tell......and after each of the military service commanders testified that they would make ending DADT work....I figured that Republican Senators would go along with military leaders and endorse the elimination of the ugly policy. After all, even the Mighty Patriotic Warrior, John McCain, had said he would change his mind over ending the policy if military commanders agreed.

But I figured wrongly.

Not that Republicans care about public opinion, but public opinion is in favor of ending a 70-25% margin. Many Republicans SAY they are in favor of ending discrimination against gays in the military. And after all, when Liz Cheney, the Queen of the Neo-Cons, endorses ending could any "regular" GOP'er not agree to ending the damn thing?

The answer is found in our unending Night of the GOP Hostage Takers.

You may recall that all 42 Republicans last week wrote a letter to Reid telling him they will not allow cloture on any legislation aside from Bush tax cuts and a continuing resolution (CR). The Senate finished the CR last week and look well on their way to a deal on taxes but a deal does not legislation make. Republicans are planning to stick to their guns and wait out a Congressional Budget Office score on the tax bill before a vote next week.

Kind of like waiting to count all the money before setting the hostages free.

Let's evaluate what the party of the hostage takers is telling us. Republicans value tax cuts for the top 2% of America more than they value the other 98% of Americans. Republicans value tax cuts for the wealthiest more than they favor civil and equal rights for all Americans. We have already learned from Republicans that a couple million unemployed Americans are a low-to-no priority when compared to extending tax cuts for many of the people who wrecked the economy.

The GOP is telling us that it's their way.....or no way. And their way is cuts for the rich and powerful. The Republican Party has no other policy...none. They live to cut taxes on the rich and the powerful.....and they are willing to do order to reward their benefactors. The Party of the Patriots are even willing to defy America's military leaders...shamelessly.....if it means moving another step closer to rewarding the filthy rich.

Like Blackwater, the Republican Party has become but a gang of bodyguards for a handful of America's wealthiest.....thugs without consciences...doing what their Corporate Masters have paid them to do.

But I'm stating the obvious.

What Republicans, sadly, are that putting a proverbial gun to the head of the less fortunate and victims of Extortion, kidnapping, hostage taking...and jaded shamelessness....seem to work in the GOP's endless quest to reward the affluent.

If hostage taking works with only 42 GOP Senators out of 100 total, just think of how well it will work with 47 GOP Senators and a Boner as the new Speaker of the House?

Every American should be concerned over the coming Reign of the Hostage Takers in Congress. If this criminal, conscienceless gang continues to extraordinary-rendition America's most vulnerable.....our "war on terror" may just take on a brand new meaning.



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