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By The Reverend Published: October 15, 2010

Watch only the first 20 seconds.....

Tom Donohue, National Chamber of Commerce President says of outsourcing American jobs....

"There are legitimate values in outsourcing, not only jobs but work."

Donohue's Chamber is spending $75 million to defeat Democrats November 2. The Chamber, which finds legitimate value in putting American workers out of work, has been taking advantage of Chief Justice Roberts ruling in Citizens United.

You may remember that ruling. It gave very wealthy groups, like the Chamber, the freedom and limitless ability to dominate our airways just before an election. You may remember Strip Search Sammy Alito rudely mouthing the words, "that's not true", at Obama's State of the Union speech when the President said that, based on the Roberts Court ruling in Citizens United, even foreign money could now find it's way into the U.S. electoral process.

As usual, Strip Search Sammy was wrong. Some $885,000 of foreign company money has now found it's way into the U.S. campaign process.....and that's just what we know about. Click the ThinkProgress link to see the 84 foreign companies which donate to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.....the same Chamber of Commerce whose president says there is "legitimate value" in eliminating American jobs.

And I just bet there is.

Think about what's happening here. Big multi-national corporations outsource jobs to China, India and a host of other cheaper-labor countries. Why? To cash in on that "legitimate value". American labor, let's say, cost a company $15 per hour plus some token bennies. But Chinese workers will work for $2 per hour and forget the bennies. This cheaper labor swap lowers the multi-national corporation's cost of doing business, allows for higher profits and therefore, theoretically, a higher stock value and perhaps a larger stock dividend.

That's the "legitimate value" that the Chamber's Tom Donohue was referencing. American workers lose their jobs by the millions to Chamber-member outsourcing, a treasonous process in itself, so that a handful of paper certificate holders can get richer.....and CEO's can fly off in their Titanium Parachutes.

But even that's not enough for the meisters of greed. With Republican stooges carefully placed on the Supreme Court, like Strip Search,....and the shameless expediting by Chief Justice Roberts of the Citizens United those "legitimate value" seeking outsourcers have been unleashed to purchase ALL the seats in the U.S. Congress by saturating political ad buys in an unlimited fashion.

But it gets worse. The U.S. Chamber is now able to raise unlimited foreign company funds and put those unlimited funds to work inside America buying the seats of our congressional representatives. Alito is a dumbass. Chamber representatives can now entice foreign companies to donate to their U.S. political blitzkreig against democracy by threatening those foreign companies that they will lose THEIR workers jobs to Americans if they don't help the Chamber defeat the Democrats.

Even worse than that is the fact that Americans do not even have the right to know who is paying for and running the thousands of political campaign ads meant to defeat Democrats. Republicans defeated the only mild attempt by Congress to compel disclosure by the outsourcing robber barons.

So, crudely speaking, a handful of very, very rich Americans can now, legally, gang-fu*k all American workers and no American has the right to know who did it.

If anyone thinks this horror show is going to benefit the citizens of the United States, they're smoking crack.

Without a change in course, without a reversal of the despicable Citizens United ruling, without a moratorium on the outsourcing of American jobs, without national leadership which will kick the asses of smug, prickish, traitorous organizations like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce......the United States of America is doomed.



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