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Down With The Flu

By The Reverend Published: May 4, 2009

No, not me. I'm not down with the flu.

But I'm thinking the usual-suspect American whackos are.

The anti-American haters on the far right side of the national dial are down with swine flu. They are down with the flu, in the street-language way, because the swine flu issue gives them another opportunity to get their hate freak stoked.

At first glance, I thought it was all a brilliant counterinsurgency plan developed by Hip-Hopper, aka You B Da Man, Republican party leader, Michael Steele. Steele likes to, you know, get down. But on further examination, though Steele is, like, goofy.....even he isn't this hateful....

"Illegal aliens are bringing in a deadly new flu strain. Make no mistake about it," blares Michael Savage.

"I've blogged for years about the spread of contagious diseases from around the world into the US as a result of uncontrolled immigration," writes Michelle Malkin.

"What happens if there's a rash of deaths in Mexico... and if you're a family in Mexico and people are dying and Americans are not, why wouldn't you flood this border?" announces Glenn Beck. Link

According to those three Tea Party Patriots.....swine flu and undocumented immigrants are one and the same issue.

Same with these three....

Sean Hannity...12 seconds

Michael Savage...60 seconds

Neal Boortz....2:20

Yesterday I blogged about the GOP now being a full fledged cult, completely detached from reality, spouting the craziest stuff imaginable, disfellowshipping anyone tainted with the 'moderate', and organizing their group worship around goofy chants, faux-narrative hero worship, and a set of discredited and outdated superstitious beliefs.

How the cult leaders have handled the swine flu topic, in their insane hatred-of-the-darker-skinned way, is simply more proof that my evaluation of the Party of the Endangered Species, is accurate.

Here's a bit of non-cultic, non-hate freak, reality-based information on swine flu.....


Many conservatives have told me that the GOP's touchy obsessiveness with undocumented immigration is all about law and order and NOT about, you know, racist fears or hate of the alternative-skin color of the 'Other'. When it comes to the swine flu inspired, media hate-a-thon, in progress 24/7 on the kind of looks like, you know, it's all about the hate.



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