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Drill, Baby, Drill Singers Silenced

By The Reverend Published: April 30, 2010

On April 1, The Reverend typed this out....

Obama now joins the cerebral and Very Serious, ex-1/2-term-governor-puffball, Sarah Palin....and the WTF, Republican National Committee Chairman, Michael the wingnut chorus of "drill, baby, drill." The "most liberal" Obama has lifted the ban on a good portion of offshore oil drilling.

Will drilling more offshore lead America to a place of independence from foreign oil? Don't make me laugh. Lifting the ban on offshore drilling will not make one bit of a difference in addressing our dependency issue.

Today, one month later, there are 5000 barrels of oil per day gushing into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico from what's left of an offshore BP oil rig 50 miles south of the mouth of the Mississippi. The wellhead, which BP thus far has not been able to cap almost a mile underwater.

The Obama administration is not at fault for the already-existing drilling effort that blew up off the coast of Louisiana. That's BP's responsibility. But the Obama administration has now been smeared (with dirty political oil) by his action to join in with the drillers, baby.

How bad is the situation?

...the spill could eclipse the worst oil spill in U.S. history _ the 11 million gallons that leaked from the grounded tanker Exxon Valdez in Alaska's Prince William Sound in 1989 _ in the three months it could take to drill a relief well and plug the gushing well 5,000 feet underwater on the sea floor. Ultimately, the spill could grow much larger than the Valdez because Gulf of Mexico wells tap deposits that hold many times more oil than a single tanker.

The latest word from the White House....

"no additional drilling has been authorized and none will until we find out what has happened here."

Bipartisan Barack, just a few weeks after announcing that he too would join in with the "Drill, Baby, Drill" singers,....I'm sure, is now wishing he hadn't been so compromising with conservatives. Or is it compromised?

No matter how much conservatives and bipartisanship-seekers twist, turn, or invert the facts about offshore oil drilling in America.....offshore oil drilling serves NO purpose in addressing our national dependency on foreign oil. If every American location on shore and offshore that's currently known to hold oil below it's exploited.....the U.S. will have put a whopping 1.6% dent in our national dependency on foreign oil.

Obama's concession a few weeks ago to the DBD (drill, baby, drill) crowd by permitting some new offshore drilling.....was a purely political gesture to soften up "just say no" Republicans for a new Democratic energy/climate change inititative.

Just like with our foreign oil addiction, it appears that the Democratic president just can't quit his addiction to foolish gestures of bipartisanship.

During, and after, the campaign of 2008, we were privileged to witness the outrageous and juvenile sloganeering of Big Corporation-favoring conservative politicos, who, while puffing out their chests like banty roosters, broke out into lofty choruses of "Drill, Baby, Drill."

RNC Chairman, Michale Steele.....Powder Puff Derby entry, Sarah Palin....former GOP mavericky presidential candidate, John McCain....and the perennially-tanned Ohio flower, John Boehner, all sang the Great GOP refrain, and sang it proudly and loudly.

Today? Not so much singing.

Sister Sarah, just a few short weeks ago, feistily you-betcha'd crowds by mocking any further "studies" into the consequences of more offshore drilling. "No mores studies are needed", Palin said. Just drill.

The environmental damage from the BP rig blowup, the cost to coastal states, is uncalculable at this point.

The cost of foolish gestures by incrementalist-leaders hellbent on finding bipartisanship with silly singers of sloganeering silliness.....may also be incalculable.



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